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Cartilage Piercing Experience

tilage Piercing Experience

Cartilage Piercing Experience

Part 1

After reading BME and BME/Extreme for quite some time now and enjoying them so much, I thought I'd contribute what some may think is a routine experience. To me it wasn't. It is now almost 5 months after my first tatoo, my first venture into body mods besides the common double pierced lobes. My daughter and I both decided we wanted a cartilage pierce and would do it together, sort of as a "mother-daughter thing". She is 15 and is confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy so I often check things out when she's not around to make sure whatever we are doing will work out for her (like is the place accessible, will they even attempt a pierce on her since she can't hold real still, etc.). She went to FL for Christmas break and we decided we'd do it when she came back. While she was gone, I decided to check out Bodys by Skeet Presents Skincredible, in Aurora, IL. It was close to my house and the only place I knew of within 10 miles that did piercing. I picked Jan. 2nd, after work, and stopped by. The piercer was friendly and seemed knowledgeable. He had all the right answers to my questions so I decided to go ahead and get the pierce done then and there (I also wanted to check out how much pain there would be). I wanted a 14 guage ring in the top of my right ear that would lay flat against my ear. He would have rather given me an 18 guage ring but I insisted on the 14. Everything went fine while he marked and cleaned my ear. I took some deep breaths and he pushed the needle through. WOW. That really hurt -- way more than my tattoo did but for only a second. But I almost fainted. After I felt a little better, he put the ring through, which hurt just a little and I sat for about 15 min. before I felt well enough to drive home. I was happy though, and he said yes, he would help me get my daughter into the shop (lots of steps) and would do a pierce for her too. It's healing well now and I just love it!

Part 2 2 weeks later

It was a snow day -- blizzard conditions and wind chills of 40-50 below zero so no school and no work. We decided it would be a good day to get my daughter's cartilage pierce done so I called Skincredible. Guess what! They closed the shop!! No notice, no nothing. Just closed it up, and moved to their original shop about 45 min. away. After getting over the shock, I called Skin of a Different Color, where I got my tatoo just to see if they did piercing. YES!! They had a fairly new piercer who hadn't been there last time I was there and she said she'd be glad to take a look at my daughter, and yes they had a ramp so we could get in. So, off we went, snow, cold and all. When we got there, the tatoo artist, piercer and a customer were all outside shoveling a path up to and up the ramp! Boy was I impressed at that point. We got inside and the piercing room was beautiful. Dentist-type chair, soft music, jewelry pleasantly displayed, etc. We both loved it and I was so sorry I had gotten mine done already. But I was no longer sorry Skincredible had closed. The piercer put my daughter at ease, had no qualms about doing the pierce for her, movements and all, and she chose an 18 guage fixed bead ring for her just to be positive the bead wouldn't come out. She marked, cleaned and I held my daughter's head while the needle went through. She didn't yell, cry or anything and said she was fine, so the piercer installed the ring and put her in front of a mirror to see. Everyone in the shop stopped what they were doing to look for a second and ask my daughter how she liked her new ring. Made her feel so good about herself, which made me so happy. On the basis of that positive experience, I'm planning to go back to Skin of a Different Color for a second tatoo very soon and probably another pierce. Just don't know for sure what yet (maybe a horizontal clit hood?).

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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