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Conch, Tragus, and Anti-tragus Piercing

ch, Tragus, and Anti-tragus Piercing

Last week (Feb 25) I got my helix pierced (story already on BME). Piece of cake, a bit tricky to clean so got a bit infected but this is subsiding now.

A couple of days later I got a conch piercing by Phil again. Although the helix pierce was easy and relatively pain-free I had nerves beforehand. Not this time! I went in and they were pretty quiet so I didn't have to wait at all for this one, just five minutes while he got prepared. Hurt a bit, but no real problem and it looks great. Cleaning this one is far easier, but it causes some problems at night. I can remember not to touch it when I'm awake, but no way do I manage to remember when I'm asleep! I've woken up squeeling a couple of times, but it's hurting less now and if I'd just left my ear like it was then I would have been able to sleep on it in no time...

Well, today I went and spoilt that! I got my tragus and anti-tragus pierced! These hurt! I was expecting the anti-tragus (snug?) to hurt more than the tragus, but no, it was the other way around! I had to wait a while as there were three girls in getting their navels done, all nervous as hell and although I had an appointment I let them go first. Just after the first girl had been done two policemen came into the shop which had me a little worried. Turned out they were just in inquiring about getting tattoos!

It came to my turn. Since the girls had already been done and there was no one else waiting I had a chance to chat with Phil a bit first and afterwards. I had previously mentioned uvula piercing to him and he didn't believe me, so I had printed a few pictures out from the BME (sorry if that's a bit naughty copyright-wise, but it had to be done!) I may have managed to talk someone into buying a computer!

We spent a little time on placement and, when I was happy, started on the piercing. I decided to have the anti-tragus done first, and have a barbell put through it. It was clamped up, I went into the almost meditative state that I've learnt to do. I still feel the pain, but don't react to it. That hurt!

Tragus next... I decided on a CBR for that and went through the same procedure. I wasn't expecting this one to hurt. Bad mistake! This was easily the most painful one yet. This may have been due to the fact I wasn't prepared for it, or because my ear had been sensitised by the previous one. I still didn't react though (much!) Didn't want to distract the guy!

I stayed for a while chatting with Phil and Graham (the tattooist who's not really into piercing but respects those who are). I'm torn between several piecings to get done next. Maybe I should let my body rest a while? Unlikely!

Well it's about half an hour since I got them done. A word of advice to everyone.... if you get your tragus done, don't chew gum for a while! I've just put some in my mouth absent-mindedly and I'm off to clean the blood away now!



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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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