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Ear Stretching Experience

Stretching Experience

My stretching experience, thus far.

I first got interested in stretching my ear lobe after seeing

a friend of mine with a 2-gauge acrylic plug in his ear. I had previously seen stretchings of an inch or so, and Masaii tribal stretchings of more than 3 inches, and thought that they were sort of tasteless, but when I saw my friend, I was immediatly enthralled. My only hesitation was, "what will it look like when I'm 50 years old and no longer have anything in the hole?" and "will I be able to get jobs with a half-inch hole in my ear?" Anyway, I put those inhibitions aside and went to consult my piercer.

At Andromeda, in New York City, I was told that the furthest

it could be stretched in one session was down to a 14 or 12 gauge, (I was wearing a 18 gauge stud,) and that I could come back after that. Then he showed me a 12 gauge bullet plug, which is like a cut off knitting needle. Basicly it's just a bullet plug with a tapered end.

The next day, I put in a 16 gauge stud, and went back to

Andromeda. A different piercer there said that I could stretch my 16 gauge hole up to an 8 gauge, so I bought the 8 gauge bullet plug and went home.

When I got home, I washed myself and the plug, and to the best

of my ability, sterilized it. Then I lubed it up with some neosporin, and jammed it in. That hurt so much! It wasn't that the pain was really bad, but I got it in a little bit, and I had to keep pushing and pushing, and it was awful.

Finally I got it in, and it still hurt for two weeks.  Then I

bought a 4 gauge bullet plug and repeated the painful procedure. Now, I'm just shivering with anticipation for it to heal, so I can stretch it further, to a 2 gauge. I'm not that experienced piercing wise, (besides the 4 gauge in my lobe, I have another lobe piercings, a cart, and my navel done.) I definately feel that this is the most fun of all of them, and I can't wait to stretch it even further.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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