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How do those stay in there? The story of my microdermals

A couple of months ago, i was avoiding doing work and browsing BME. I came across photos of microdermals and was immediately intrigued. I had never seen or heard of microdermals before, but I pretty much decided it was something I wanted to try. I continued looking at pictures, reading experiences and doing a massive search of any information I could find. I'm always a bit skeptical about new kinds of piercings, so I like to be as informed as possible before I mess around with my body. Anyway, after a ton of internet research and talking to people, I decided to go for it.

My best friend and I never go without each other for piercings, so she tagged along, as did another friend of mine who was really curious about the process. We went in, I paid, got my aftercare and waited for Marc, the piercer, to be ready. Unfortunately, I did a really stupid thing and watched videos of Microdermals being done the night before. Thanks to the videos, I was just a little more nervous than I usually am before a new piercing. Finally Marc was ready and we went into the room.

I had decided to do two microdermals just below the center of my collar bone, about two inches apart. Marc marked the entry spots, and moved them, and asked my friends opinion, and the apprentice piercers opinion, and moved them again. Now, as weird as it is to have 5 people staring at your chest area for 15 minutes, I did appreciate the fact that Marc cared enough about his work to want it to be perfect. And at last, everyone was happy.

I laid down on the chair, and Marc explained the process. He told me he was going to make an opening with the needle, slide the jewelry in, and turn it to create a pocket. He explained that because the jewelry had three small holes in the bottom of it, my skin would heal into them and hold the gems in place. He asked if I had any questions and honestly, at that point I was pretty nervous and wasn't sure I wanted to know anything else or I might have chickened out. He picked up the needle and instructed me to take slow, deep breaths. He inserted the needle, and it wasn't bad, just felt like any other piercing. He then started putting the jewelry in. This,admittedly, was a bit uncomfortable. Its not a pinching or stinging pain, more so a lot of pressure. The jewelry was in and he started in on the second one. Since I knew what to expect it wasn't bad at all. Soon we were done and I stood up to look in the mirror. At that moment, I fell in love. They looked amazing. I thanked Ma rc and headed on my way.

The healing process was really easy for me. I did a sea salt soak once a day and used antibacterial soap in the shower. They healed in about three weeks, the shortest healing period out of all 15 of my piercings. I was so happy with my microdermals and I got a ton of compliments on them. It was fun to have something that not a lot of people had seen before. Of course I got the usual questions from every person: did that hurt? how do they stay in? how do you get them out? But even so, it enjoyed the look on people's faces.

For some reason, one of my microdermals healed completely, but was sticking out a little bit. The gem also came out of the top of that same one. I went to see Marc to get a new gem, and asked him about the way it had healed. He said it was fine that just happens sometimes and since it wasn't giving me any problems I need not worry.

As my luck would have it, that same week I ended up getting my microdermal caught on something which made it quite angry. Experience had taught me if it wasn't pussing uncontrollably or creating a bubble of fluids around it, the best thing to do is to continue cleaning it. So I cleaned it faithfully, started wearing a bandaid over when I went to work and for bed and soon it calmed down.

A couple weeks ago, I got home from work and was in the mirror washing my face. I happened to glance down, and my left microdermal was hanging on by a thread of my skin. Literally. I didn't want to try getting in back in, for fear of misplacement and really bad infection. So I gently tugged on the jewelry. I was pretty upset about it. Going in I knew that microdermals weren't necessarily permanent,but I was still sad to see it go. I knew I had two options: I could give it a couple weeks to heal up and get it redone, or I could get the other one taken out. After thinking about it, I decided I would get the other one taken out, considering there was no guarantee that the same thing wouldn't happen again. So I went to the shop and said good bye to my remaining microdermal.

My experience with microdermals turned out to be a good one, they lasted me 7 months. They're relatively easy to heal and take care and they look really pretty =] I would definitely recommend microdermals to anyone looking for something different. You can put them pretty much anywhere, so the possibilities are endless. And of course, whenever you're considering any kind of body modifications always do your research first. It's just dumb to commit to something you know nothing about.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Marc
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