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First Ever Piercing

Since I was 14 the piercing I had my eye on was my nape. After seeing a guy with one while out and about and looking through hundreds of pictures, stories, risks and asking lots of question by the time i was 15 and a half I had decided if there was a piercing to start with, the nape was for me.

I had done A LOT, and I mean a lot of research into the best method to receive a nape piercing that would last as long as possible without migrating or being totally rejected. I read a few horror stories and looked at some pictures of what could happen if improperly sized jewelry, or method was used.

I asked my mum would she consent to me having the piercing performed, and of course she said NO! but come to the compromise that when I was 16 and I could consent myself I could have it as I had the means to pay for it. 6 months seemed like a long time to wait, but it really wasn't.

In my travels around the world wide web I come across a number of positive comments about The Piercing Urge, located in Prahan. As compared to many business' more local to me they offered surface piercing or new single point piercings called 'micro dermal anchors'. Not only this they offered a variety of procedures for insertion including punch and taper as well as using high quality internally threaded jewelry. As opposed to other places which offered a pretty mainstream procedure of clamp, pierce, insert externally threaded bar most likely improperly sized for instant good look and no real advice that may deter a customer.

As soon as I turned 16 I made an appointment to have my nape pierced at The Piercing Urge and had decided I wanted micro dermal anchors. Upon arriving I was very nervous about my piercing, as I expected larger amounts of pain as I knew anchors involved having cores of flesh removed cookie cutter style as well as a needle. While the jewelery and procedure at The Piercing Urge is markedly more costly than other places they are in no hurry to rip you off. On impulse I asked the piercer to see whether I would make a good candidate for a surface bar which would halve the cost of getting my nape pierced. After inspection of my neck he said my neck would be suited to the procedure. It cost me $160 for the procedure, jewelery and aftercare which consisted on a bag of De-Iodised salt and instructions. To my surprise the whole thing was relatively painless.

I was so happy with the result and couldn't wait to get home and have a look in the mirror. My neck was very stiff for the first couple of days, partly what I assume was from the fresh wound but also I was very worried about hurting it in my sleep and so slept in some strange positions until I decided just to sleep normally and see what happened which turned out to be fine. Within a week I went about everyday life and since then cant even feel it. With a little bit of care it soon become an unnoticeable part of my routine to avoid getting it caught on clothing, or when combing washing hair etc. I soaked it twice day in warm salt water and thoroughly cleaned it religiously for a fortnight and since then have not.

After 2 months I went back and changed the two disks I had on the ends to Large beads (silver).

I have only had one issue since having my piercing and it was me at fault. It happened about 2 months ago, when at work I was touching the piercing with dirty hands. Surface piercings heal very slowly and so even after several months dirt should be kept well away. Within a couple of days my piercing become very red and sore around one end and discharged a very disgusting looking bit of puss the colour and consistency of snot. I immediately contacted The Piercing Urge through the chat on their website www.thepiercingurge.com.au . I was advised to come back to see the piercer or see a doctor. I saw a doctor who located a little piece of dirt that had made its way just into the piercing which he then removed. I was prescribed a topical cream which I didn't use and instead used sea salt soaks for 3 days. It cleared up quickly with no affects.

Since April 2009 I have experienced no migration or any problems other than that mentioned above. I believe credit goes to The Piercing Urge who with a combination of great jewelery, great procedural practices and very experienced staff have given me a great piercing. Kudos.

To anyone considering having their nape pierced, if you are after a great piercing that looks great do your research and go to the best not the cheapest!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Piercer+from+the+Piercing+Urge.
Studio: The+Piercing+Urge
Location: Prahan%2C+Victoria%2C+Australia

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