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Take two

6 years ago I had my nape pierced buy a nice enough, but inexperienced (at least in the way of surface piercing) artist. It was nothing but trouble from the very start. I remember that it didnt hurt as bad as I had expected it to, which thrilled me and I fell in love with it right away. But there were a lot of problems. To start off with, I was unhappy with the fact that the posts of the barbell hung down slightly giving my neck a "sad face". The piercer reassured me that would be fixed once the piercing healed and he could put in a smaller bar though, so I let it go.

and then the fight began. Unlike many of the nape piercings I had looked at on BME, my surface bar had balls rather than disks and these balls were the bane of my existence for the next two months. They got caught on everything! The worst was when I would lean my head back and my hair would catch them yanking the bar up hard. This happened more times than I could count and soon my neck was swollen, irritated and starting to reject. The evil little balls also had a penchant for coming unscrewed which meant a lot of fingers poking around in the "healing" wound. We tried PTFE as a last ditch effort but things were already so far gone by then that it had to be retired. I've wanted to get it redone ever since.

Flash forward to last week. I finally had some money and the time had come for me to give this another try. I went to Primal Decor because of the amazing recommendations Ive gotten from my friends. I havent talked to one person thats had a bad experience there. Everyone who was there that day was super nice and helped me to relax as its been a long time since Ive had any mods.

Jen was my piercer and Im really glad that was the case. she was very meticulous about the placing and while she was marking me up she explained that my previous piercing was placed too high and the bar was also too short. once she got everything marked we could also see that the old holes were fairly off center. I checked out the placing just for good measure, although I definately trusted that she had gotten it in the best place possible. It looked great and we were ready to go. By the time the piercing was to happen I was pretty comfortable and relaxed and everything went smoothly. Two deep breaths, no suprises and there you have it; a new nape. It didnt hurt very much at all, it was more of a deep pressure with a little pinch at the end.

When we were done I checked it out in the mirror and it was beautiful. everything I didnt get the first time around. We talked about aftercare, which was also a big problem for me the first time through because my last piercer offered me very little advice in this field. Mostly he just said to wash it with dial. I knew from my own research that sea salt soaks were the best way to go, but I never really figured out how to efficiently soak the back of my neck and eventually gave up on it all together. This time though, Jen in all her brilliance explained to me that maxi pads are a surface piercing's best friend because they're sterile, absorbant and just the right shape for the back of your neck. When I got home I heated some sea salt water, poured it into the pad and placed it on my neck and thats when I knew that this piercing was going to have exponentially better odds of healing than the last one.

The jewelry was also a lot different then I had seen before. The bar was longer (about an inch I think she said) and flattened for ease of healing. Apparently having a flat bar under your skin rather than a round one gives more surface area above the bar and it helps to keep the piercing level instead of hanging down. And I got disks this time instead of those nasty little balls that caused me so much grief the first time through. thank god.

Its been a week now and I havent had one single snag. Im definately aware that I have a bar in my neck, but the placing was perfect. It doesnt catch on anything, and its flush with my skin. No sad smiley this time either. Ive had a lot of comments on it already and I love the folks at primal decor. I cant wait to go get more done with them!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Primal+Decor
Location: Eureka%2C+ca

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