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My adventure with nape piercings.

I first considered getting this type of piercing about six months ago. I'd gone through a mad piercing phase of getting several cartilage piercings, a tongue bar, and a navel piercing, but I wanted something more unusual. My friend had talked about getting her nape pierced for a long time, but she decided it would be a waste since she has long hair which would always be covering it (and would probably make it more difficult to heal). She suggested that I get that piercing 'for her', which seemed like a strange idea. But the more I thought about it, the more I warmed to the idea. My boyfriend was almost as excited as I was, for some reason he's always supportive about me getting new piercings and even for our first ever 'date' we both went and got pierced together! So all that was left was to go to see Fungus and get it.

On the day I planned to get it done, I had the typical pre-piercing excitement and nerves (but mainly excitement!). However, by the time I got there I remembered that the shop only opened three days a week and I would have to wait for a different day. Stupidly, I ended up going to a different place and getting the piercing there instead. BIG MISTAKE. They used a plastic bar which was too long and so the ends of the bar were visible on either side, and they didn't draw any guide marks beforehand so it was slightly to one side. They didn't even give me any aftercare instructions either, which although I didn't really need them as I've had a lot of experience with piercings, it's unprofessional and could be pretty unfortunate for anyone who came in for their first piercing and ended up not knowing how to look after it.

However disappointed I was, I had just spent £20 so I decided to keep the piercing in and hopefully pay someone with a little more skill to change the crappy plastic bar for a proper surface bar. However just two weeks later my manager at work noticed my new piercing and told me I had to take it out anyway. I was a little disappointed but this gave me the opportunity to get a new one, from the person I had originally wanted to pierce me (after I quit my crappy job of course!).

So jump forward another couple of months, I'm back in Fareham, this time in the GOOD piercing place with my friend who also wants her nose pierced. (I let her go first, and the way she squirms and complains you'd think someone was using a power drill to pierce her skull). Finally it's my turn. I've got quite an audience as other people have overheard I'm getting something slightly unusual. I'm VERY pleased that Fungus draws a line where the piercing will go, and even takes a photo to show me beforehand. I'm also very pleased that he uses a clamp this time rather than just...whatever the other guy did. Unfortunately he doesn't numb it so it hurts a lot more than the last one, but the pain is all a part of the process! As the needle goes through I actually say 'MOTHER FUCK!' which gets a few laughs. That's the only pain though, it doesn't hurt a bit as soon as the bar is in.

I'm so glad I had to take out the old piercing, because this one is far better. The bar is properly aligned, the right size, and instead of balls on the end it has flat spikes which look better and mean it very rarely gets caught when I'm putting on clothes or brushing my hair. Since getting it done (about two or three months ago I think) I have had no problems whatsoever, and right from the start it as been so painless that I'd forget I even had this piercing if it wasn't for all the compliments it gets (and a few not-so-positive comments, mainly from parents!). For the first few weeks I cleaned it every day with warm salt water, but I found out I didn't really need to clean it (this may just be me being very lucky so I wouldn't recommend anyone else neglect their piercings).

All in all I am very happy with this piercing and the general experience. The nape piercing is great as it can be hidden or displayed very easily simply by having your hair in a different style. I like the fact that it is quite understated and subtle as opposed to IN YOUR FACE like some other piercings.

I would recommend Fungus at Pagan Piercings in Fareham to everyone looking for a piercer who knows what they're doing and is happy for you to come back again and again for aftercare if something goes wrong. He's done 7 of my piercings so far and I'll definitely be going back to him for whichever piercing I end up getting next. The prices there are also very reasonable, this piercing cost £20, so the same as the one I got in the other place but MUCH better value for money!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Fungus
Studio: Pagan+Piercings
Location: Fareham%2C+Hampshire

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