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Chest Microdermal

I've always been one for piercings, and before I had one micro dermal in each wrist, I had roughly 14 piercings. Since changing my piercer, I have gone less commercial ones and started on borderline unusual. But yeah, long story short, I had a micro dermal in each wrist, one didn't heal properly and I could remove it and put it back in, and rejected on numerous occasions, and the other healed fine (I didn't catch that one during its vital healing process) but I am a chef, and piercings in your arm whilst rushing around don't mix and I ripped it clean out. Don't worry; it didn't go straight into someone's dinner.

Now, me and my piercer, Liz, are quite good friends. I've been going to her studio for roughly about a year, and she has done my tongue web, septum and wrist micro dermals, and the other piercer, Claire, did my right nostril (RIP) and both of my nipples. I would definitely recommend them, they're the best piercing place in King's Lynn. Since both of my wrist dermals failed, I texted Liz and told her, and she told me to bring them in and she would sterilize them and put them back in anywhere for a discounted price. I said this was OK, and I was going to come in soon and everything, etc. Being myself, I was always busy at work, or at college, and I never had the time or the cash. (Driving is so expensive, these days.)

On one random day, I think it was Monday 5th October 2009, me and my best friend went up King's Lynn to do some shopping, and I thought that then would be the perfect time to go in and hassle Liz for a few hours. We walked in, said our Hello's to Sean, the tattooist (Who is going to become my tattooist once I'm 18) and carried on into the little room which is Liz's studio. We got straight to the point, I told her I wanted my dermals put in again but I didn't know where, so we had a little talk about rejection rates etc, but the chest is where I've always wanted it...and the most practical compared to my other ideas. (One in each finger...not exactly suitable for a kitchen.) She told me that whilst a mutual friend's one had rejected, I have more flesh, or 'tit flesh' as Sophie said, and that mine should be OK. And if it was to reject again, she would put it in again free of charge. So we had agreed. It was a chest dermal for me! I was pretty nervous about the dermal punch, becaus

e before Liz was still training in dermals and using a needle. (Very painful.) So Liz, Sophie and myself went outside for a cigarette, and just chatted a bit about Sophie's piercings, my piercings, Liz's experience with genital piercings she had recently started doing, whilst I was getting increasingly nervous. Even though I have/had six lip piercings (Angelbites, Snakebites and two other lip piercings), Tragus, Industrial, 4 x Cartilage piercings upper ear, Lobes to 18mm, Second lobe piercings, Septum, both nostrils, Tongue web, Both nipples (Horizontal) and two wrist micro dermals, I am one of those piercing enthusiasts with phobia of needles. Yes, you heard correct. I also dislike pain. We went back into the studio after finishing our cigarette, and she marked me up with a toothpick, ink and pure skill. The mark was dead in the middle of my chest, about an inch and a half down from my collarbones and perfectly in line with my cleavage. We didn't have to mark again, so Li z asked me to lie down, and let the magic happen.

First of all, she asked the usual question. "Are you ready?" and my usual answer, "No" came back. Since Liz is used to this, she smiled, and picked up the dermal punch and used it against my chest. Now, cutting the skin didn't really hurt, it was a pain which was easily coped with, probably about a 4 on a scale of 10. It was more the pressure on my chest which was uncomfortable; it really limited my breathing ability. She then picked up the jewellery and held it with a pair of pliers, and wedged it in the whole. This was the most uncomfortable part, and on a pain scale I would say it was a 7, and felt very sore and she pushed each foot of the jewellery in. The whole experience took roughly about 2 minutes maximum, and after Liz had placed the jewellery in, she wasn't took happy about how much it stuck out. I would rather not have to go through the experience again in the same place as it was already very tender, so she told me to keep it taped down, and come back in a few we

eks and we would see how it had settled. I have taken the tape off now, it had been about 3 days when I stopped taping it down, I am happy with the placement even if it does stick out a little. It looks really pretty and it gets mixed reactions, which is brilliant. I have, however, been asked if it comes out the other side!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Liz
Studio: Seans+Body+Art+and+Piercing+Studio
Location: King%27s+Lynn

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