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wrist piercing

It was a Friday afternoon and I walked into the dragons den along with my friend with -out an appointment, with all the customers I wasn't sure I would be able to have it that day. I asked Bonnie behind the counter if they done wrist piercings and sure enough they did, and I could get it done that day. While I waited I signed the consent form and took a seat at the sofas; Bonnie and Caz joked about and questioned why I wanted my wrist pierced, I had seen one of my friends with it done but his was a lot smaller and had rejected I had wanted one for a while and thought about it for over a month before getting it done; it was unusual and I wanted something that would stick out of the crowd. But still look nice for you to show it off to every one. They are all so friendly and always include you in the conversation as though you had worked with them for years. After being rejected by three other piercing places I was getting my wrist done. The nerves started to kick in as I walked towards the back of the shop.

I went into the room at the back of the shop where Karl welcomed me; he had lay out the table with all the equipment everything was in sterile packaging it made me feel good as I knew it was a very clean shop. He asked me to take a seat on the bench while he prepped up sanitizing every thing .I had wanted it done for a while and now I was finally getting it done.

He then took my wrist and said it was possible to have a wrist piercing so he got the needle and the freeze spray , He took my wrist and sprayed the area till it was numb he said it would feel like a little pinch while the needle went in, he slipped the plastic piercing rod on the end and pushed the needle back through my wrist, I had little pain throughout the experiance.which made me crave for another piercing. Karl then asked which colour ball I would like, I chose a pink ball with a little gem on the end. all through the experience he kept me calm and asked questions which made me feel really comfortable at the shop. when I went to pay they told me to return in a few days; so he could take a look at the progress my wrist had made and if my body would take the piercing.

A few hours after I had it done it burned a little as the aesthetic wore off but other than that I had no pain I was so impressed and wanted to show it off to everyone.

I went back to the shop about a week later and I then got a staple bar which Karl had trouble with as he did not have my size bar in the shop so he went to the trouble and made the bar for me ,He spent time in measuring the metal to make sure that I would have a perfect fit. he was always generous and let me keep the replacement bars and balls. And ordered the bars in specially for me.

This time it sting as the bar went into my wrist at an angle, Karl tried his best to cause me little pain but once the bar was in I felt no discomfort.

But my pricing started having troubles , I went back to the shop as it had a bubble appear in the middle which had discharge coming out of it , Karl took the bar out and thoroughly cleaned it out , and told me to return the next day so he could have a look at it , so I did he cleaned the wound for me and the problem seemed to get better.

Each time I go to the den for a different piercing Karl always makes sure that my wrist is ok and cleans it for me.

My piercing still hasn't healed it still leaks fluid out of the sides and the scab keeps falling off which slows the healing process.

But the den have done all they can to help me it's now down to my body's healing process and will take a while yet but Karl has recommended I take it out and maybe have dermal which his wife case did recommend in the beginning :P but im going to persevere with it for a few more weeks as it is getting better. I have become attached to the piercing and don't want to take it out, im glad it hasn't rejected yet but I fear it might grow out.

all the staff have made me comfortable every time I have been to the den and since then I have also had a implant on my hip; tragus and the inner ear done. they are all helpful and try and give the best advise on how to look after my piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: karl
Studio: dragons+den
Location: north+wales

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