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The heartbreak of rejection- my horizontal wrist.

Be forewarned, if ever you go to a studio, and it looks too crowded, unclean, or you just have a gut feeling, get out. Also, do not do self piercings. This story has both experiences.

My ears were my pride and joy, up until I got a a horizontal wrist piercing. Done when I was only sixteen, this thing was the love of my life. It shone beautifully in the dimmest of light, and stood out amongst the industrials and nose studs seen in my everyday life. Also, this was the first piercing I got for a symbolic reason; I love writing, and want to be a journalist, and the gleaming balls reminded me (and everyone else) of that all the time. Easy to conceal at work, I loved it.

When I went to get it, it was the mid of winter. I had just turned sixteen and got a state photo ID, which was good enough to get piercings in Pittsburgh, PA. Being stupid and cheap, I walked down the strip district and saw this nice little tattoo and piercing shop, covered in vines and blaring my favorite song, I'm Shipping Out To Boston. This lured me in, and my first impression of the place was dirty. There was mud across the floors, dusty walls, and a cracked display case. Nonetheless, I trusted Matt? I think to get out clamps and put a steel curved barbell (at a 16 gauge, even though he used a 14 gauge needle) through my left hand's wrist, just on the crease between your hand and your arm. Placement was great, I asked him to change the steel cones to balls for fear of them getting stuck on my sleeve, I tipped and left.

Not even a week after, I noticed the curved barbell was showing a little more on the edges, and I assumed the swelling was going down. The piercing was done fairly deep, so that a "mountain" of skin was going up and down in it. Maybe a month after, I noticed scabs of skin were forming around the exit holes, and when these scabs would fall off, more bar would be showing. Every month or so, a scab would form and fall off.

Then came August. I changed the barbell to an implant grade plastic curved barbell. The piercing took to the change very well. It didn't scab, even though the piercing looked rather shallow, and if I turned my hand a certain way, you could see the barbell underneath a thin layer of skin. I knew about rejection and thought that's what is happening to me, so I decided to take a day and go back to the piercing shop that did it. Even though I forgot the name, I knew exactly where it was, at the corner diagonal from the ritzy book store. Apparently it wasn't there, and a huge "FOR SALE" sign occupied the window. I took down the number on the sign and called it. A girl answered, and I tried to sound like an interested buyer. I asked what was previously in the vacant store, and she replied an old piercing shop, closed down for health code violations. I cut off the conversation, saying I was going in a tunnel, not unusual in Pittsburgh.

If you ever get a bad gut feeling about a place, get out. I should've.

I took the little barbell out that night, right after I ordered a 14 gauge needle online. I planned to let the hole close and repierce it, deeper, like it originally was. Well, the needles came in about two weeks later. I ended up repiercing it that night, as sterile as I could. It went in too easily, and I knew the old piercing never completly closed. Nonetheless, I was satisfied. I had my wrist back.

This time, it was good for about two weeks, then the scabs came back. They were bigger and revealed more bar just about daily, and, unlike last time, the piercing itself turned red. The bar was very shallow, and the skin above it was red and began to turn dry and scab off.

One sad morning, I noticed my bar was showing in the middle. I couldn't let go, so I applied neosporin and a band-aid. That day at school, the bar fell out. Upset, I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else, because it didn't heal up completely and I really shouldn't have pierced the same place (myself).

I wash what was once my piercing daily with antibacterial soap and use anti scarring lotion. I want the area to heal, without much scarring. But, I did just let a piercing reject, after all, and all I have left is scar tissue.

I miss it. After all, it was my first rejection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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