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my wrist microdermals!

When i first decided I wanted to get wrist microdermals, I tried to research them very well so I could go in and know what was going to happen. I googled it and looked on bmezine.com but didn't really find much. I found a few pictures and a handful of stories, Which made me nervous because I didn't really know how the procedure was going to go.

I contacted my piercer, Jay, and told him what I wanted done and asked if he could answer a few of my questions. He said he would love to do them and that it would be a little painful but nothing I couldn't handle. He also said that the microdermal itself goes in relatively fast which made me feel better about getting it done because to me, there is nothing worse than slow pain lol.

We had set a date for saturday 9/5. I drove to the shop with my friend and was calm and excited. When we walked into the door, there was a line down both flights of stairs. It was free piercing week and everyone had been waiting for hours, I looked at my friend and i knew we weren't going to wait. I texted him and told him I would come back next week to get it done. I was very disappointed but I took the next week to really try to pay attention to how many times I bump my wrist. (which turns out not very often) :)

The week slowly crept by and saturday couldn't come fast enough! When saturday finally arrived I was way more nervous than I had been the previous week. I thought about it all day and at 5pm I decided it was time to go, I picked up my friend and we drove there. The whole way there I could feel the butterflies starting in my stomach, which isn't unusual for me before a piercing but I had never had a microdermal done before so it was a little more intense.

When we got there, there was another line going down the stairs(free piercing week still), I texted him and he came out and told us to come in, which was nice because I wasn't looking forward to waiting in that line. We sat in the waiting room talking to a few people and they tried to help calm my nerves. While we were waiting, a girl came in who had reached into her purse with a fresh finger microdermal and ripped it out halfway, which made me even more nervous lol. But I knew I had paid attention to my wrist the past week and would be fine.

After he finished up the 3 people that had been ahead of us it was my turn. I walked in and he talked to us a little bit and really helped calm my nerves. I sat on the table and he marked my wrists, he had me check them out in the mirror and I liked them :) I just wanted to get it over with lol. After him looking at the dots a little more he decided they were in the right places and that he was ready to do it. I looked at my friend with a nervous look on my face but I knew there was no turning back.

He took the dermal punch out of the package and showed me what it looked like, I was surprised how tiny it was! He showed me the micro dermal and it was tiny as well. I was getting less and less nervous about the whole thing, I was actually getting more excited. He picked up the dermal punch and told me to relax my arm, He grabbed my skin and kind of pulled it up with the dot he had marked in the middle, He pressed down the dermal punch and twisted. It felt like a deep paper cut, Uncomfortable but nothing unbearable at all. I was so relieved!!!

He held a paper towel over the hole because I started to bleed a little but after it had stopped it was time to put in the microdermal. This part did hurt. When he first put the microdermal in the hole to separate the tissue it did hurt a bit, but after that it went in relatively fast. It took no longer than probably 30 seconds to get the microdermal in. Once in, it bled a bit but really didn't hurt at all. He screwed on the diamond top and I fell in love with it. The other wrist was the same and went in a little easier, it also bled less.

I got up and looked in the mirror and I loved them so much, he put 4 pieces of tape around them microdermals just to make sure if I did bump it a little it stayed in it's place and to help it sit in the right place. :) I paid him and thanked him and after my friend got her piercing, we left. Driving wasn't hard afterwards and when i got home my mom loved them too. sleeping was easy and I haven't hit them at all. As far as cleaning goes, I was told just to soak them in hot water everyday.

So if you are looking to get a wrist microdermal I say go for it! It's not as bad as it sounds and really so much less painful than you think! Also, if you are in the hartford area, or anywhere in CT for that matter, I highly recommend Jay at flying tiger for piercings, He's the only person I trust and he does such a good job and is very clean. I'm not looking forward to the removal but that won't be for a very long time and until then I will love them :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: jay+swartout
Studio: flying+tiger+tattoo
Location: new+britain%2C+ct

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