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My new absolute favourite piercing - my wrist

I'm no beginner to piercings, I have had a total of 15 (which also isn't a lot but ah well) but its been a few years since I have had any done so the last couple of months I have been thinking about getting new ones.

I don't have OCD but I have a 'thing' about when I have a piercing I have to have three before I give it a rest for a while eg when I was 19 (8 years ago) I had my tongue pierced, then my eyebrow and then I decided that since you generally saw people with one bar I decided to get the same eyebrow done a second time.

Then a while later I decided to get my lip pierced, my nipple and then my ears again. (I did break with tradition though and had my ears pierced again a couple of months later but that didn't go too well and I ended up taking them out)

I have had a break for the last 4 years or so but then the urge to get another overcame me about 8 weeks ago and I decided to have a helix piercing, its bugged me for the last few weeks as I really wanted more but couldn't think what I really wanted. Then I saw my friends surface tragus and loved it so on Saturday suffering from a monumental hangover I had it done, very easy and looks great. I was very pleased with the outcome, I think its a great piercing to have.

Then came the thought about my wrist, all day Saturday, all day Sunday (I even dreamed about it) I realised I had to have it. I asked my boss if I could leave work early which she agreed and then I headed into town to see if I could be squeezed in to have it done.

I'd already decided to have my left wrist done as I do everything with my right hand, so I wouldn't catch it putting my hand into my backpack, or if I reached for something. Plus I don't generally wear a watch but when I do it always goes on my right arm.

I was a bit nervous which surprised me as I never usually am, didn't help that I had a 45 minute wait and in this time I was starting to worry a bit more... whether it would reject straight away, swelling, and lots of other things I wouldn't normally worry about.

I think a part of it was I am a massive baby when it comes to injections, not bothered by piercings but I generally can't see them being done as they have been in my face or ears. I think the fact that I would be able to see them actually piercing my arm, plus the fact it would have to go through some layers was what really started me being nervous.

But the time came and I went into the room, laughing as per usual at the piercer, I love going to Blue Banana as the staff are great. One of the tattoo guys I had seen while in the shop on the Saturday for my tragus came over for a chat and laughed I was back so soon.

Everything was fine, had it clamped (surely one of the most painful parts of getting pierced??) and before I knew it the needle was through..

Very proud of myself as I was able to look as it went though, barely bled and all I felt was a tight sensation as the needle went through. Then some small aftercare chat and I was on my way home with a big white plaster on my arm which I think managed to cause me the most pain. I don't have hairy arms in any way, shape or form but when I got home and tried to peel the bugger off it felt like it was stuck on with superglue!

Looking at it I am SO glad I had it done, I really do adore it.

It has been fine since (obviously early days), but I love the look of it (apart from when I was walking home I tried to swat a bug from my arm before realising it was the balls of the surface bar which I obviously hadn't quite got used to being there yet!)

I work in a fairly conventional office in the Finance Dept and needless to say piercings are not the norm. I have had many comments today from people who had absolutely no idea you could even get your arm pierced! I think it shocked a few people but I don't care, I think its fabulous and can't wait to decide what I am going to get done next!

I'm so glad I have the 'do things in three's' issue or I might have missed out on this one for a long time! I think I will see how it heals and might consider either getting my other arm done, or maybe a second one on the same arm. Depends though as there are still a lot of rejection risks. I'll continue to love the one I have though!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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