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Anchors Away!

Well allow me to start by stating I have 17 piercings. I used to have more. I have my lobes stretched to 1/2 inches, my nipples at 10's, my tongue is at a 6, and I have 12 surface anchors in my back. I still have 8 more to go. I did at one time have my labret, snake bites, and two industrials. I wanted something new an exciting.

I decided one day I wanted a piercing. I went to my local parlor, Caspian, to talk about possibly getting my nape re-pierced when Nycole told me of something new called anchors. I had never heard of them so I began to ask questions. I was instantly shocked and intrigued. It definitely sounded cooler than redoing my nape. I asked questions and we watched a couple of videos on You Tube and it looked awesome to me. I told her I would come back and do some for I had to go to work. After that I really wanted to get them done.

A couple days passed and I researched and looked up more and more information on them, thus making me want one. I looked up more videos on You Tube, looked at pictures online as well from BME. It was such a fascinating piercing and the fact it is "semi permanent" seemed really awesome to me. I finally had a day off and decided I would go back to Caspian and tell Nycole "Let's do it!" Her eyes lit up as I told her because she had only done one so when I told her I wanted twenty she got excited. She told me the back my be a trying place for she hadn't seen anyone with them on their back. What can I say I am willing to try it.

When I arrive down at Caspian and tell Nycole I want to do it she gets stoked as do I. We watch a couple more videos of how its done and she shows me a picture of a single dermal she did on someone. It made me want to get one so bad because it looked some amazing! Nycole shows me the jewelry and begins to explain the process as she sets her stuff up. She sterilizes her station and has me lay on the table and begins to clean the spots where she is to put them. I have a back piece which consists of a 4 nautical stars with a biomechanical spine and wings. I figured the best place would be each point of the stars.

She starts cleaning the first point and then asks if I am ready, in which I reply yes. She tells me to take a deep breath in and release. As I release I feel the needle rip my flesh. It wasn't to bad it felt more of a pressure than a pain. She made the incision, this was a new pocket for which the jewelry would sit. It didn't feel like a normal piercing. It felt faster and cleaner. She allowed the blood to sit and then dropped the jewelry. I felt the setting of the jewelry more so than the piercing itself. I got my friend Dave to record the procedure on my phone so when people asked how they did the procedure I could show them. The quality isn't the best but you get the point.

We proceeded to do another one. The second felt better than the first since I knew what to expect. Nycole then cleaned me up and I looked in the mirror and was blown away by the surface anchors. "I love them!" I told her. They look great with my back piece. She bandaged them up and I was on my way. I couldn't wait till the next time I got more done.

Aftercare wasn't that bad, I would go and get her to press them to make sure they laid flush. There was little to no irritation. Only one of which had to be reset but it wasn't that bad. Since my first two I have gotten ten more and they look amazing. They healed up nicely. All of them lay flush and are clear. I have 2 stars left with 4 points each I need to get done. I will soon have twenty surface anchors in my back. Hopefully I will get them done soon. I cannot wait to get the last eight done.

The first couple of days after getting them done they had a slight discomfort but eventually I forgot they were there. It is funny to watch peoples reaction when they see them. Al my friends think that its crazy but unique but I love them. The first time I gave my friend a hug she thought I had something on my shirt but she was shocked to see the anchors in my back. My mom had the same reaction the first time she saw them.

Thanks Nycole!


submitted by: ericmaute
on: 04 Oct. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Nycole
Studio: Caspian
Location: Lynchburg%2C+VA

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