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My very 1st micro dermal anchor!

so I've been thinking of getting a micro dermal anchor for a very long time now, but was not sure where on my body I wanted it and especially was not sure of which shop did it.(Not all shops in New York do them). For the past year, I've been a regular at a shop close to where I live for a while now. (we all know every shop loves regulars!). There great and there is a very homey feel about the place. I think that's why its grown on me! The shop that I used to go before was not as good as this one but still good. (The only person I ever let get near me with any kind of needle left to another country so I was crushed and I decided to go to another shop to extend my horizons and that's when I met Coyote!). Now I wanted an anchor because its in for longer a regular piercing and its cute when you have a diamond stud in it!

When I went in to get my most recent ink done, I decided to finally ask about micro dermal anchors and if they did them. They of course did and we then proceeded to talk about the procedure, cost, healing, after care, and so on. A week and a half after I went back to the shop. By this time I had decided to get one on me left wrist and was pretty set on the spot and everything. I was super excited but a little nervous since this was going to be new to me, but first times aren't always a drag i guess. I knew it was not going to hurt that bad since I'm a body mod freak and have had just about everything pierced, so I expected this experience to be no different.

Coyote, the guy I always go to with my crazy ink and piercing ideas, began to putting on gloves, setting up, taking out the instruments he was going to use from the packaging.(I always make sure everything used is new!! I'm not trying to catch anything or have anything dirty or used, used on me!). He then cleaned up the area of my wrist with alcohol, then with some antibacterial thing, and made a dot to mark where he was going to place the micro dermal anchor. After about two re settings of the dot I was completely happy and couldn't wait to get started.

First, he used this instrument to remove some skin. The funny thing about this was when coyote said "do you see your skin coming out?", yuck! I was not looking because that sounded pretty gross, I mean who would?. (It was a little painful but not as bad as when I got my sternum pierced). Now the shop had quit a lot of people for a Tuesday and by that time everyone was intrigued in seeing this done. I told coyote I did not like all these people hovering over the counter to try and see from where they where and he agreed, so he made them sit back down. Anyways, he then went on to using another instrument to put in the base of the anchor.

The hole wasn't deep enough and because of this it was sticking up and it was a little wonky, so he removed the anchor and went back in to make the hole deeper. Now that was a very weird sensation and I was bleeding a lot at this point. He then cleaned it up again and put in the anchor again, set it so its straight then cleaned it once more. I was in love!!! I now have about two days with it and so far so good. It's healing quit quickly too! I hope it doesn't leave any ugly marks because I tend to scar easily, ironic huh? but coyote reassured me that it does not matter and that as long as I clean it frequently and be extra careful with it, it was going to heal beautifully.

I'm now thinking about doing about six more on my wrist and two on my kick ass chest piece that I had done about a month ago, but that all depends on how this one heals. The only thing I must say is that if your thinking about getting an anchor, make sure the person has done it before because you wouldn't want something your not going to be completely happy about. I mean, it is a permanent piercing and if it doesn't reject, it will be there till u decided to go back and get opened up again so they can remove it. Also to make sure you've researched it enough to know that you want it. Hope you love yours as much as I love mine!(:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: coyote
Studio: New+York
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