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Microdermal Hip Piercing

I am not new to piercings but I fell in love with microdermals after watching the procedure online and reading up on them. I like them because they are unique, beautiful, and can be placed almost anywhere. Plus it can be removed (well with a bit of a scar left as a memory). I also wanted something to adorn my hips and decided a microdermal was the way to go instead of tattoos or a surface piercing that will probably migrate out anyway. So I went to the piercer I usually see and asked if they do this type of piercing. Alison had informed me that they just started doing these piercings in the shop and that though she had not done many she was confident that she could pierce mine. I think she had only done a handful at the time and only a couple were successful. I was offered $20 a piercing in exchange for giving her practice which I didn't mind at all because I have never had a problem with infection or migration.

My only concern to the piercing was getting enough depth because my hip has a very low fat percentage to the point where you can barely pinch the skin. Also, I only have muscle and it is very close to the skin surface. Alison examined the area and decided that it should not be a problem for her. Next, she marked where the piercings should sit. This took a long time because from a birds eye view, the dots looked straight but from the front they were slightly crooked. I found out that my hips are in fact a bit crooked, which is normal but not something I ever noticed before. Finally, the two dots were in place and I was ready to be pierced.

I was kind of interested in the procedure because some places use needles to make the hole, while others use a dermal punch. Alison preferred to use needle technique because it is easier to get the depth she needed. While lying down on the table, pinching enough skin to pierce was out of the question so i had to sit almost upright. She massaged the skin after cleaning it to loosen everything up. Finally she was ready to pierce and pushed the needle into my skin. I was surprised at how little the pain was initially so I relaxed a bit. She made two pockets after the hole and started slipping the jewelry. This is when it started to pinch a little. Getting the first half in was not a problem but "popping" the smaller foot in was the challenge. After a bit of pushing the jewelry went in.

Now she was onto the second one. Alison made a hole in my hip like she did with the first one. She decided that she would make the pockets on this one a little deeper, hoping it would be easier to get the jewelry in. I felt a really sharp pain and started feeling like I was going to pass out, which is weird because I have never had a problem like this during a piercing. I have never been stabbed in the stomach but I imagine that's what it feels like considering both things involve something sharp going through flesh. I told her to proceed and she started pushing the jewelry in. The jewelry started pressing on the area where the deeper hole was and instantly I felt like I was going to faint. I waited a few minutes but my face was very pale and I was still dizzy so we decided it would be best to just stop. She covered it with a bandaid and told me not to touch it for 4 days.

My microdermal has since healed wonderfully (it was completely healed and felt solid 2 weeks later). There was a lot of bruising for about a week in the areas where the skin was pinched. There was no bleeding thank goodness! Then a couple weeks later I had a problem because the foot on one side poked a vein and left a deep bruise. I have occasional flareups when things bump against it because it causes bruising but it's really not noticeable. I try to clean it once a week just so dirt and bacteria dont enter and cause infection. But other than that I absolutely love my piercing and do not intend to ever remove it! I will be getting my next hip piercing very soon and am kind of excited but dreading i at the same time!I guess it's just because the fact that I almost fainted scared me and I am afraid that I'm going to do the same thing again. My next goal was going to be getting a lower back piece all in microdermals but I have even less fat there so.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Alison
Studio: Graceland
Location: Poughkeepsie

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