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Surface Bar- Sideburn / Vertical Tragus.. Whatever

The urge was back to get a new piercing, although it had only been merely a month, if that, since my last one, which was my upper helix. I was looking on BME to see what one I wanted next, and was torn between a rook, a tragus, or a vertical tragus, but in the end I decided that I would get my vertical tragus, as it was probably the least common of them all and I really liked the way it was kind of off my ear, but could still pass as an ear piercing. Also, the thought of getting my rook done was scary enough, and even though I have a high pain tolerance, my upper helix hurt like mad and I still could hardly sleep on it at that point, so the last thing I needed was another painful cartilege piercing in the other ear; I'm not a fan of sleeping on my back, let's just put it that way.

Anyways, on a Wednesday after school, my and my cousin decided to go to the shop and get my piercing, and to see if she could get a small tattoo if he wasn't too busy with other things. When we got there, it was closed, but a lady pulled up in a car and said that he called and said he was on his way, so instead of waiting around in the cold, we went to the ATM machine to get out some money, and to the Pizza place to get onion rings. Twenty or so minutes later, and we came back into the store; we asked him if he had time for a piercings and a tattoo, and he said yes, not like it was surprising, because he always makes time for us.

So, me and my cousin already established that I was going first, so we went into the backroom where he marked my ear and bent the 16 gauge barbell he was using, which I chose over a ring, becaus I thought a ring would look kinda stupid for the location that the piercing was in. Once he was done cleaning everything and all that, he clamped my ear, which was actually really painful. The actual needle part wasn't too bad, but the part where it took almost ten minutes to get the other end of the barbell screwed on, was horrible. He had to call his girlfriend in for help, since the piercing is in such an awkward spot, and apparantly he had never done it before. Surprisingly, it didn't actually bleed a lot, which I was happy about since I always expect myself to have some kind of blood loss, especially after I gushed it out with my bridge piercing. Anyways, once the whole thing was over, I looked in the mirror and immediately liked it; the placement was perfect and it just loo ked nice. It wasn't gaudy, but it was different and fairly noticeable. Altogether it was $35, which isn't bad considering that included the jewelry and the piercing, when other shops cost anywhere between fifty to seventy dollars even for just a lousy ear piercing.

After my twenty-ish minute ordeal was over, my cousin got her tattoo which was about a two hour process, but it turned out really nice and it was surprising that he came up with such a nice design and had the time to do it when we just kinda walked in randomly.

In the end, I ended up paying I think another ten to help with my cousin's tattoo, which was eighty in total, and then the thirty five for mine, plus a small tip (which he definitely deserved).

The healing has been decent with it; I haven't cleaned it as meticulously as I have with my other piercings, but I still use my saline solution on it every once in a while. The great thing about it was unlike my upper helix, which I STILL have trouble sleeping on three months later, I was able to sleep on it the night I got it without a lot of pain. The only issues I have had with it are that a few days after I got it, the ball on the barbell actually fell out, and I had to put it in myself since no piercing studios were open. That was pretty painful, and it bled a bit, but it has been okay since then. And lastly, it has been extremely itchy, which I hope doesn't mean it's rejecting (it shouldn't though, as the guy has been doing piercings and stuff forever and he assured me it wouldn't), but yeah, the itching can definitely get a bit annoying. Overall though, I'd rather heal ten surface piercings at the same time, than one cartilege piercing, and it's definitely a pierc ing I would recommend.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Darren
Studio: Tattoos+and+Things+II
Location: Windsor%2C+ON

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