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Sternum Microdermals

From the first time I saw microdermals I knew I wanted to get some, but as they were such a new procedure I decided to wait unit the procedure became more common, so two years down the line I finally decided to take the plunge and get some.  I knew for my first I wanted two microdermals set out like a sternum surface piercing, I decided I would go to Chioko in Camden as I had heard such good things about the studio and my local piercers were not performing microdermals.

When I got to the shop I had a consultation with Erika the piercer, she pushed and pulled the area I wanted the MD's, I wanted they to sit quite low so they were between my boobs! She said that it was doable but my skin was very tight in that area and my boobs being quite big would make the procedure a bit more awkward. I choose my jewellery – Blackline discs with clear gems, and when off to get the money from the cash point - £80 for the two. I came back around fifteen minutes later with my trusty lucozade. Erika marked up the area; once I was happy I laid down on the bed.

She massaged the area a bit more and then came the first dermal punch (I was quite nervous as I had never had a dermal punch before) surprisingly it wasn't too bad just a bit of a pinch, then came the jewellery insertion – which felt like my skin was being levered up (which was what was literally happening), this was a very strange uncomfortable felling. After a couple of seconds the jewellery was in and sitting perfectly. The second anchor wasn't so easy; it took three punches and a lot of fiddling around to get it sitting right. To be honest the worst part of the procedure was Erika pinching my flesh, which actually hurt, the rest was just uncomfortable. Erika covered the piercing with a dressing and told me to keep it on till the next morning, however I couldn't resist taking a quick look!

I was so happy with them and I didn't get too much bruising at all! They wept a bit for the first two days but then they appeared to be settling in nicely. Erika had told me to keep them covered for the first two weeks, after a few days this was proving to be a problem as the dressings were irritating my skin so badly the whole area was bright red, so I left them uncovered. I also made a very big mistake... I went out wearing a corset! The following day the MD's were not very happy at all and looked like they were starting to come out. So I decided to try and cover them to tape them down, and I discovered the perfect think to do so, elastoplasts stretchy bandage tape, it was breathable so it didn't irritate my skin and strong enough to keep the MD's down (would defiantly use it again). After a couple of days with the tape they were sitting nice and flush to the skin again.

However after a few weeks more of the anchor started to show on the top MD, then one day it started to puss really badly, the next day I checked it and the foot of the anchor was coming out so I decided to get it over with and pull it out. I thought it would hurt but it just pooped right out, it left an indent in my skin which was a bit bloody and lymphing, I was really upset but at least I had the another one.

Two weeks later and the same thing happened to the second one. I was really disappointed but I think a lot of the trouble was down the jewellery, it didn't have any holes in the base, I would never have had this jewellery if I had known, but I assumed that the jewellery I had was standard (three holes in base). As the jewellery didn;t have any holes in it I think that the newly formed tissue was just pushing the anchor out rather than keeping it in place. A week after the second one came out and I still have two little pink scars – I'm hoping that they will fade with time.

I was very disappointed they came out but I'm not going to give up on getting some more microdermals, at least I know what to expect for next time and now I know some things to avoid and I also discovered the wonders of elastoplasts bandage tape!

So to anyone who's thinking of getting some microdermals, make sure you check the jewellery before you get it put in or you could end up wasting your money!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Erika
Studio: Chioko
Location: Camden%2C+London%2C+UK

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