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Kissed By A Vampire

This is my first story I've written up here... So hopefully it's okay!

I've always been a fan of body piercing and tattoos, and have over the last few years accumulated several piercings; 7 ear piercings (2 retired), a lip piercing (also retired), a belly button piercing, and my latest addition of a Vampire Kiss (surface piercing under my belly button).

I'd been doing my research on getting a new piercing for several years, and had been looking at all sorts; scaffolding, getting my hips pierced, tongue piercing and a VCH. I submitted a picture of my belly button piercing a couple of days after it got pierced, and then spent quite a long time looking through the navel piercing pictures, until I came across one of a surface piercing on a girl's abdomen (just below her navel). Almost immediately I fell in love with it, and began my research, so I now know almost everything to do with this piercing.

I knew asking my mom if I could get it was out of the question, because I knew the immediate answer would be a "no". So I started saving my money, and going into piercing studios and asking whether they could do it/how much it would cost.

Finally, after I'd done my babysitting on Saturday night (gorgeous little ginger boy - spent most of the night jumping on his bed), and got my pocket money through, I went to college as normal this morning, with £35 in my purse, and went to French. After my French class, I met my friend Jammy outside the bank, and we walked up to Access All Areas to make an appointment. My appointment was made for 11:15am, and with my heart pounding a million miles an hour, we made our way to Costa for Jammy to have a cup of tea whilst we waited for 11:15 to come around.

At 11:10, we found ourselves sitting in the waiting room of AAA, waiting for the piercer to call us through. Shakily, I got myself up the stairs. The piercer was lovely, he talked to me a hell of a lot about the placement of my piercing, and where I had my belly button pierced the first time - involving a bit of slagging off of the place where I got it done (not mentioning any names). My stomach was cleaned with an antiseptic wipe, then a surface anaesthetic was applied. Jammy was starting to get nervous with my hand clamped in his!!

My stomach was marked up about 50 times - the lovely guy wanted to make sure the placement was in the right place before he even got the needle out. A change of gloves and I was sat in the chair. A freeze spray was applied to my stomach - "Ooh, it's cold!" "It's all in the name love", and my eyes immediately were averted to the ceiling.

Now I'm not really a fan of needles (I faint when I see a needle!), but the piercer made me feel really comfortable with it, kept telling me how I wouldn't feel the needle at all (due to all the freeze spray) on my stomach, and kept it out of my view for the whole time.

A few tugs on my stomach later, and I said "have you even got the needle in yet?" I looked down at my stomach and noticed that there was a massive needle sticking out of my stomach!! Feeling queasy, I looked up at the ceiling and waited for the piercer to put the bar through. I was given an information pack to go with my new piercing, which included a certificate[!], information on how to clean my piercing, and a sheet on keloid scarring - which didn't scare me at all - I will be cleaning this piercing religiously, do NOT want any scarring on my tummy at all!

Incredibly happy with my piercing, I paid my £35 and left, had a cigarette almost immediately after leaving the studio, and went back up to college.

Spent most of the afternoon and evening talking about it, showing people, being excited about it - I'm like a stuck record atm! I'm also so proud of being one of the only girls I know who has a Vampire Kiss on her stomach - in fact, one of the only girls I know who has a Vampire Kiss!! It was the most comfortable piercing experience I've had, the piercer was really accommodating when I nearly passed out, and was really professional.

My piercing is now about 8 hours old - is not red at all, and I've just cleaned it. It was a really enjoyable experience, and I would recommend Access All Areas to anyone and everyone who is in the area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Access+All+Areas
Location: Nottingham

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