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home done surface piercing

I have had some tough experiences in my life, getting pierced was usually my escape away from exercise and other.... things. It was the day before I took my ACT and I had just found out my boyfriend was in the hospital, going in for brain surgery on a tumor that was hopefully malignant and the cause of his occurring seizures. I going home because my parents just didn't understand, nor did they care to. They hated him in short. My best friend Morgan was basically my sister, always there, and even though she probably aided to my bad behavior, she understood me.

So anyways, I was pretty lethargic that whole day basically. I didn't have any money, didn't have a car to go anywhere, and didn't really want to go anywhere. I was lying in my friend's room just waiting for a family member to call me and let me know he was okay. I waited HOURS and got nothing. By the point that three hours had past, I was going crazy with the thoughts running through my head.

I told my friend what I wanted to do. A surface piercing right above my pubic region, about where the top of a low rise jean would fall. So. We thought about it. We didn't have any piercing rods, or anything thing, just safety pins, alcohol, and matches. (I'm sure you're thinking, 'oh fuck no she didn't') Yes, we pierced my skin with a safety pin. IM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS. I even feel stupid for going ahead with it. I was just so distraught and wanted it so bad, I let her do it. We numbed my skin old school style, with an ice cube and she sterilized her safety pin. I laid on her floor, completely mesmerized, feeling the needle starting to sink through my skin. It felt like a very hard pinch, nothing more. About halfway through, it stopped and she couldn't push it any farther. Luckily there hadn't been any blood, but I was crying pretty hard (not from pain, just from emotions), which I know is a terrible feeling to do piercings under. She went and got me some orange juice, lea ving me lying on her floor, with a needle halfway through my skin. I couldn't sit up, so I drank the orange juice from a straw and when I was calm, she tried again, slowly pushing the needle further until it slowly emerged through the other side of my skin.

Now then, we had nothing to put in it. Smart right? Yeah, so she closed the safety pin and we got in her car and drove to a shop, picking out a plastic rip bar (I that's what it was anyways, the piercer there recommended it). Occasionally my shorts would catch the bar and wow, that stung. So we grabbed it and booked it home with me lying in her passenger side seat. I got inside, got back on the floor and honestly, putting the bar in was the part that sucked the most. The skin clung to the safety pin as she pulled it out, slowly pushing the bar in. eventually it went all the way through, and I was breathing so hard, I couldn't believe how much this was taking out of me.

A few weeks later, after cleaning it three times a day with saline

solution, and it healed. It was beautiful and I loved it. I hadn't ever seen anyone with it so it made it even more special. My boyfriend did wake up and come out of surgery all right. I told him about my experience and he didn't really say much about it.

I kept that in for about a year and a half. However, do to an athletic

regimen and my jeans pulling and pushing on it, it slowly started to

reject. Probably the saddest day was when I had to take it out. The bar was slowly being sucked into my skin. I knew it was bad news and that it needed to heal before it got really serious. It healed quickly once I took the bar out, which I was really relieved for.

The scar is still on me. My boyfriend thinks it's ugly but I'm still in love with it. It's about a half inch long (not a big surface at all) and hardly rose. It reminds me of a really difficult part of my life but the pain I put into it is such a relief for me. I'm intending to somehow incorporate a brand into it. I'll never cover it up though. I think in the future I'll also get a few more surface piercings. I think they're so cute and beautiful and very unique. However, I'm planning on being smart and heading to a studio to get it done by someone who knows what he or she is doing and has the proper equipment!

This was probably the most stupid and unsafe way to pierce, and by all means, nobody be as ridiculous as I was. PLEASE. Thanks for reading my story though.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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