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Failed stomach surface piercing

 So, almost two years ago for my 16th birthday I had decided that I wanted a stomach surface piercing. I'd first noticed one on BME and fell in love with it, I'd never seem a more awesome and pretty piercing. I'd heard the rejection rate was pretty high, but since I'd already had many successful piercings that didn't bother me any.

I was rather upset to find that the price was more than an average piercing; this had cost me $120. (Yeah, it was the 'you're allowed' factor for your birthday, not the 'we'll pay for it')But, I figured it was definitely worth it. My piercer told me that this was a rare piercing for him, but he had done a couple before, so that was okay with me. He drew a line to center it and drew the entry and exit holes and when it was completely perfect we were set. I was informed that the clamp may be a little painful, and ohmygawsh was it ever. It took my piercer a little while to get the skin in the right position, yanking and pulling more into the already super tight clamp, and you know there isn't very much skin to be playing with under your belly button for that. When he stuck the needle through I felt relieved because it meant the clamp would be coming off soon, and it offered a different more tolerable kind of 'pain' to focus on. He screwed the ends on, smiled at me and told me to take a look. I'd never been more happy with a piercing in my life. It was definitely my favourite. I gave him my praise, and he gave me my aftercare instructions and told me to call or come back anytime if I had any questions or problems. I then went on my merry way.

For the first little while it was doing fine, and I was following the aftercare as instructed. Pushing the skin together and pushing the barbell through with antibacterial soap in the shower, and applying an antibacterial cream afterwards. About a month later, one side looked like normal skin and the other side was red and painful. I really didn't want to loose this piercing, I'd been so pleased with it. So I tried everything I could to make it work, but also trying not to over clean. It seemed like it was getting better once in a while, but would always go back to it's half irritated state.

I should have went back to the piercing shop, but I was scared Id be told to remove it, and I didn't want to do that. Which I know now was really stupid on my part, listening to a professional may have had way better end results, and when they say to call or comeback if there's problems they really mean it so they can help you and do what is best for you!

Three months or so later, my favourite piercing came to its end. I was in the shower, showering away and I was lathering soap on my stomach and one ball of my surface piercing got caught under my ring and I, not knowingly, moved my hand across my stomach. Unfortunately it was on the irritated/infected side, and it pulled straight through. By this point I still hadn't even noticed. I saw blood on the floor and looked down and saw that 3/4ths of my piercing was ripped, with the healthy skin still intact. There was no pain whatsoever.

I was so upset I could have cried, I left it in, took a few pictures (haha) and then decided that this was the end for my beloved piercing. I took it out and prayed there wouldn't be too much of a scar. A couple days later, the skin looked semi normal, but of course there was two skin flaps from the two sides, again still not really accepting the end, I decided to put the piercing back in the tiny amount of skin that was left and hope it would grow back over one the other side. Within a couple hours I realized this wasn't going to work.

And to mark my failure I have a nice little scar on my stomach, but hey at least there's an interesting story behind it. I'm angered at myself to know this little imperfection has replaced my piercing and that it as clearly my fault and it could have been avoided. I'd like to stress how important it is to make sure you get professional advice when needed, and don't hold on to something that clearly needs to be let go of. This could have been to my age, (I know I'm not that much older now, but hey, you learn a lot these years). :)

Also, I know this could happen with a healthy piercing, just the fact that the skin that was doing so well tore so easily makes me believe that it would not have pulled out in this way if it had been co-operating with my body.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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