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A Sternum Dermal Anchor Worth Writing Home About

It's safe to say that it took about 3 weeks after discovering dermals existed to getting one. It started off with my friend saying she'd seen a girl near her place of work with clavicle piercings – but single points, no apparent bars. Naturally being the addict I was I researched this, and discovered microdermal implants. Numerous hours on BMEZine, Wiki and youtube later, I was the most educated person I knew when it came to dermals. I'd already decided I wasn't so keen on the idea of the dermal punch and preferred the idea of the needle as it appeared to make a larger pocket and it was easier to get the foot of the jewelry in.

About a week after discovering microdermals, I went to my piercer to have my labret stud changed to a cbr, and I told her that I was now in luck with microdermals. And loe and behold! She says they have just started doing them! Now my piercer is also the only real piercer for a good 200km radius, so I was shocked about this. She even had a new guy working there who was doing them, I'm not sure if he was teaching her, or she him. Nonetheless I was so stoked. But I wasn't quite ready to get them.

Fast forward two weeks later (first weekend of December) and I go off to have my industrial done. And while I'm sitter there bleeding (I'm a bleeder) my tattoo artist who is sitting tattooing a guy in the same room asks if I'd heard of anchors. Needless to say, I said I did. I asked the price, and wow! I get loyalty discount (I'd got discount on my industrial too) so I hand over my R200 (about U$20) and we start chatting placement. I've always loved a cleavage bar, and I have good breasts so we decided on a sternum placement. They warned me that this was of the higher risk areas with regards to rejection and it was a bit harder to heal considering I do have larger breasts (I have found this out, when I lie on my side my breasts squish together and squish the piercing). Nonetheless, I chose this for my placement and there was nothing they could say to change my mind. So I hopped on the bed for the ride!

While I waited for Dave (the new guy) to prep I lay there feeling the dull sting in my ear and waited, breathed, and relaxed. Listened to a woman being tattooed (a kanji meaning angel on her wrist) and how she was complaining and generally annoying the heck out of me – just as well, it was a great distraction! And then they asked me to hop off the bed for placement. Dave marked me up, had me check in the mirror that he had the right area. By now my trusted tattooist was free to play a second pair of eyes. They decided that it had to move a bit. Then in my nerve-driven mania I went around the room asking "does the dot look straight to you, or do I have skew boobs?" now you may think I'm a bit daft but like with a tattoo, this is somewhat permanent and I'd prefer it to be perfect. This sent Dave into a giggle fit and by the time he had pulled himself together, I had decided that unfortunately for me, I had skew boobs =P

And then it began. I lay on bed again, and saw that Dave was going to use a dermal punch. I had decided to not ask how it was going to be done; I have full faith in my studio's professionalism, their hygiene and their knowledge of procedures. Plus if I had known beforehand that it was a dermal punch I would have chickened out. Now, that being said, I always recommend you find out about the procedures before you let anyone so much as mark you up. Dave wiped me chest down with that pink hygiene stuff doctor's use when they go into surgery – turns out that unlike alcohol, this gunk doesn't wipe off marks! And then it started ... dun dun dun! He started massaging the area, making a few jokes like "I hope your boyfriend knows you had this in mind, or he's seriously going to wonder why I'm fidgeting between your boobs". The punch was brought to my chest and the "drilling" began, which I didn't see, but the 4 people lying around the bed watching did. Dave complained about how t ough my skin was, and my tattooist joined in, saying how I would never get old and how she always struggles to tattoo me and pierce me (as my regular piercer is a guy she's done my more "sensitive" piercings) because I have such tough skin. While they were complaining, I felt what I was sure was the punch going into my breastbone and pinching like nobody's business. Now when I actually looked to see how far the punch was in, it was only a few mills, but if felt like it had hit the breastbone. Then out came the punch, which was laid on the tray which was now above my head so I could watch what was going on. Then came the part that actually had me in quite a bit of pain – the jewelry. Now I handle pain pretty well, but this was all new, so the pain wasn't something I could mentally prepare myself. With a normal piercing, you have an idea of what you need to prepare yourself for, and if you have had more than one or two piercings (this was my 19th) you know your body. But with this, I was in the dark, in the deep end! I felt Dave putting an immense amount of pressure on my chest and when I watched what he was doing, as this was reflected in the tray. I saw my chest getting more and more red. Very very red in fact! And then Dave called my tattooist, Natarsia, over. He was really struggling with the fact that my skin is so tough, and really just was not helping him out. He really was struggling to get the anchor to pop in. after a few minutes of struggling, me lifting myself off the bed almost from discomfort, and a few choice swearwords it was in. now the only problem was getting the pliers (holding the anchor) off :P it seemed to have chosen the most perfect time to decide to not want to open at all. That did hurt a bit, and was a small tug, but didn't pull the anchor free (thank goodness). Then came the fun part, the disc. I had chosen a small, light blue jeweled disc. So thanks to my skin being so tough, and now my chest being so very sensitive , my tattooist held the pliers holding the anchor down and Dave screwed the disc on. This pinched a bit but I survived. Then they made me sit there and wait til I bled because it isn't normal for me to walk out off a piercers without a bleeding hole. So once I started bleeding, and stopped, an hour after having my anchor first punched in, I was free to go.

It's been a week now, and I've been cleaning them in the morning in the shower with anti bacterial soap, and in the evening with a good salt water soak. They've been itching like hell, which I suspect is the healing. I've slept with a plaster on, and the only discomfort is when I lie on my side and my boobs squish it too much. Otherwise it's been fine. It is a bit red tonight but I suspect it's just the heat.

So all in all, a good experience, and it looks so gosh darn cute :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Nattoo
Location: Nelspruit

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