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Symmetrical Chest Dermal Anchors

Let me tell you that dermal anchors are a new found love of mine.

I first saw dermal anchors on the BME website a long, long time ago, probably around the ripe age of 15 which actually isn't TOO long ago considering my age.

At that time they seemed very strange and I wondered why people would ever get them (and how they got them for that matter) but now I have expanded the mind and am open to many things including dermal anchors and many other types of piercings that I had no idea about at that age.

I first decided to get my dermal anchors done around a month ago, it was a sort of spur of the moment thing. I was due for a new piercing (although these were only my second and third) and decided that dermal anchors would be a good choice that could be hidden from public view and I really enjoyed the aspect of me getting to decide where they go in a wide variety of areas.

I went through the stages of looking at tons of piercings on here and staring in the mirror a lot, which I'm not sure if other people do, but any time I'm considering a piercing I stand in front of the mirror for at least a good twenty minutes at a time.

So they day finally got around that I had a day off of work and had the money and a ride (my car had transmission problems, ugh.) I hitched a ride with a good friend of mine who needed to go in to talk about a tattoo to one of the artists.

I had only heard good things about the piercer and as soon as I got there I felt right at home. Everybody in the shop is extremely warm and nice unlike some of the other places in Seattle that I don't feel welcome at oddly enough. Jameson is the piercers name and he has found a good customer for life. He ran me through the procedure as well as telling me why I wouldn't want to get them above my clavicle. (weak tissue and rejection of course, which I hadn't thought of) We shared a common interest in music so as I had the procedure setting up we had a nice conversation as well as going over what the procedure really is. We took ample time positioning the little dots on my chest and when we were finally ready we had another pair of eyes check over them just to make sure they were completely symmetrical on both sides of the chest right under the clavicles. As soon as that was done and checked off the list it was time to start the piercing process.

He started massaging the skin and told me that it was for separating the skin layers and the tissue and the muscle so that piercing essentially becomes part of the tissue itself. As soon as it came the time for the needles I got a wee bit nervous but some lengthy deep breathing turned that feeling of nervousness away. I laid back and took a deep breath and let it out and let the needle pierce straight into my chest. I was expecting some pain at least since it was going to be going right into my chest! Aside from a little pressure I felt nothing, maybe it was numb from the skin and tissue being separated, but everything went smoothly. The second one felt like a little pinch and took some readjusting, but I trusted Jameson's judgment and sat up as soon as it was done, excited to see them. They were a little bloody of course and you could see where they had gone in, but I saw the potential and I could see how they were going to look in the future.

I was ecstatic as all hell!

I told him I'd be back in a week for getting a picture in his portfolio and then I was off with the shiny studs sticking out of my chest worried about them and covered with gauze for the time being until I wouldn't have to wear a shirt over them. (I was a bit paranoid for the first 3 days, I treated them like children)

About a month later they are all healed up and give me no trouble.

(much quicker healing than a lip ring which is still troubling me)

They only took about two weeks to heal and are extremely easy to take care of during the healing process, with only minor lymph around the area the sea salt gauze pads did wonders for them keeping them clean and extremely shiny as well.

Friends get a kick out of feeling my vibrations when they touch them and I couldn't be happier with the decision of getting them.

Of course I get the occasional "WHY?!" from skeptical people but I just tell them "I love them! They make me happy!" which I figure is a good enough answer for anything.

All in all, the piercer was great and even made me a CD entitled "Super rad shit to rock your socks off so your forced to run home barefoot in the rain uphill both ways" full of metal and other various forms of musical endeavors that are oh so popular now. The piercing was completely symmetrical and I am in a portfolio. What a great day. I would suggest these piercings to anybody who is interested and highly recommend Admiral Tattoo to anybody who needs work done whether it be tattoos or piercings.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

-Cam. =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Dec. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jameson
Studio: Admiral+Tattoo
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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