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My First Dermal Anchors

So it's been approximately 24 hours since I got my first microdermals/dermal anchors done and I am a little sore but oh, so in love with them already! But I'll start from the beginning.

I've been getting random piercings since I was legally able (18 years old). In total, I have had 10 piercings although only 6 are still alive today. Ever since my first piercing I though to myself "Wouldn't it be nice if someone could come up with a way to just... set something under the skin... so you could have a gem that just sits on your skin?" Of course you can achieve this same look temporarily with some kind of stick-on but where is the fun in that?

Not being a jewelry maker there really wasn't much that I could do except wait. It was bound to happen.

Finally, it did! And I believe that I waited just the right amount of time after the first (scary looking) prototypes were perfected to the foot-like anchors that piercers are using today.

A few days ago my boyfriend went away for work. This usually means that I get bored. Quickly. So I decided to finally go ahead and get, or at least look into getting, the microdermals in my chest that I have been wanting for so long. I feel better having a buddy when I get pierced so I asked a friend to go with me and she agreed.

Yesterday was the big day. I picked up my pal and we headed to the piercing parlor (Agaru Tattoo in Wilmington, DE). I previously got my VCH done at this parlor so, although the specific piercer was no longer working there, I felt comfortable going to this shop as I had had a really great experience the first time. We arrived and went into the shop (even though the sign said "CLOSED"... they knew I was coming). I spoke with the owner, Tommy, who agreed to two-fer deal with me because I had been one of the first to ask about dermal anchors over a year ago. He then called Brian, the piercer, who headed on his way over from their second shop.

After Brian arrived I asked to see his portfolio which he was happy to show me and then asked him what his procedure was like, what kind of jewelry they use, how many he had done.. etc. He was really patient and nice and gave me all the info that I asked for. I had been a little nervous before I got to the studio (as always happens) but after speaking with Brian I felt really good about going ahead and getting the dermals done.

Brian and I came up with a placement for the two dermals horizontally on my chest. Took probably 5 minutes or so to get the right placement because it was a little difficult placement to get symmetrical. Then I sat in the chair. My friend decided to watch. Good for her! I couldn't see anyway but it was better that way.

Unfortunately for me, my skin was really tight on my chest so Brian had to massage and pull (kinda painfully) on my skin to separate it from the tissue underneath so he could get a good pinch. Honestly, that was probably the worst part of the whole deal. Then we did the normal routine; Take a deep breath... exhale slowly.. needle goes in at a 90 degree angle then over... needle comes out then back in the opposite end... forceps with jewelry attached is pushed and popped into place! The pain was totally bearable (as opposed to a couple of my previous piercings during which I cried out or whatever). After making sure the first one was doing well we did the same with the second (right side). The pain on the right side was a little bit more than on the left and he had to go back in quickly with the needle to make the hole slightly deeper but by that time my endorphins were kicking in and I felt nothing.

Then it was done! He took a couple of photos for his portfolio and we were all set! My friend said after watching me get mine done she was seriously thinking about getting one .. but she was sick with tonsillitis so not really a good idea to get pierced while you're ill. Anyway, I paid up, spoke with Brian and Tommy for a couple more minutes and then was on my way!

It was an awesome experience, the pain was just fine, and the piercings look great. I'll be heading back as soon as the first two heal sufficiently to get a third one between them. I think microdermals are a really great idea and I'm glad I waited to get mine done. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write about my 3rd microdermal within the next 12 months!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Agaru+Tattoo
Location: Wilmington%2C+DE

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