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My Dermal Anchors; no bar, same effect!

When I was still a teenager in high school, still living with my parents, I sorta had this list of all the piercings I wanted to get done; I got my snakebites and labret done, but the other big one was the horizontal surface piercing across my chest. I'd seen another friend of mine with it done, but it rejected and left a gnarly scar, but I decided that I'd take care of mine better. And this is the story of how I got the effect of two metal studs on my chest.

Most of my piercings are an impulse buy; I got into my piercer, book the appointment for a few hours later, psyche myself up and then go for it. This one was no exception, I went into the piercing place with my friend, made an appointment for an hour later, then we went to Subway to grab a bite to eat- the main advice I give anyone about the get a piercing is have something substantial to eat first!!

I went in and started discussing jewellery options and angles with one of the employees there before going in to see the piercer, Jenette. She explained to me about the high chance of rejection of surface piercings, how the bar can pop out and cause serious scarring, plus the pain factor of putting the bar through. After discussing some other options, she told me about dermal anchoring, how there's a little bit of metal sitting under the skin and a stud on top. She explained that it usually heals better and it's a lot less painful. She showed me her dermal anchor and the scar on her chest from where her surface piercing was rejected, and showed me the range of little studs that I could get put onto the thread when it fully heals. The main downside was that it would cost more to get the same effect of two metal studs on the skin ($90aus each), but seeing as I was rather well off at the time, I decided to get the both of them done at the same time.

So I signed the waiver and sat down in the chair. Jenette went through the usual showing me the equipment, sterilising the area, and all that. I closed my eyes and took slow deep breaths, because it calms me down heaps. Because of this little ritual, I get asked so many times if I actually like getting pierced!!

The first needle went in and it stung to all hell! Plus because I'm a vegetarian I have thin blood (low iron) so we had to wait for ages to soak up the excess blood. After a while, the first jewellery went in. The second time round though, I very cleverly decided to twitch when the second anchor went it, so it was a little off angle. So more time with me sitting there, blood being mopped up, and a little needle poking the jewellery back into place. Oww.

I walked out, and my friend said to me that I'd been in there for about an hour. Time flies when you're having fun!! I got a little cup for jelly beans because I was feeling kinda woozy, and they sat me down and did the post-care routine- saline solution twice a day for 6-8 weeks, keeping them covered for 2-4 weeks. And the best part, I got $20 knocked off the price because of the trouble with the second one!!

I did take care of them properly for about three weeks, but I must admit I did slack off a bit after then- I was supposed to be soaking them in saline for 5-10 minutes a day and then cleaning off loose debris around them with a saline soaked cotton bud, but after a few weeks I just did the cleaning with the saline soaked cotton bud. It's been four weeks now, and I just rinse them off in the shower, being careful that they don't get caught on and cleaning sponges or anything. Having said that, I wouldn't base your own after care routine on my experience alone. You know your body, and if you need to wash it for longer than 4 weeks, make sure you do, and always follow your piercer's advice kids!!

Al in all, despite that this recounted experience might put some people off, I strongly recommend it. After two weeks, they were looking great, and I barely feel them, even if I touch them. I've seen scars from where surface bars have rejected, and I'm so glad I went with my dermals instead- apparently horizontal bars across the chest reject really easily, but instead I have two dermals which give the same effect, only they're permanent and have a much lower chance of rejection.

The friend that I mentioned earlier, I told her about dermal anchoring and as it turned out, her boyfriend tried to get her to get the same sorta thing that I had done. However, she wanted it for the bar; I guess dermal anchoring isn't for everyone!

I love my dermal anchors. The only trouble is that I don't know what to get done next!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jenette
Studio: Exotic+Body+Piercing
Location: Northbridge%2C+Western+Australia

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