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First Adventure into Microdermals...

Well I had been strongly considering getting some microdermals since I first heard about them a couple of years ago. Originally I loved the novelty of a new type of piercing that didnt look too extreme, but then I really began to be fascinated by them. I done a lot of research into what could go wrong, chances of rejection, infection, the procedure etc. The problem I had back then was that I only knew of one place near to me that would do them and they were charging £70 each and that was still a 2 hour train ride that would cost a further £15 to get to so I thought id give that one a miss!

I have just started university and on my first day decided to explore the town, I found this nice little body piercing shop and I was asking about lip piercing. I wanted to get something because I was at uni and a piercing seemed like as good a choice as anything else! Liana made me feel really comfortable describing what she would do so ten minutes later I got my lip done and left a very happy student. It is healing fine and is great I couldn't believe how easy it was, but now onto the real crux of the story.

Yesterday I went back in to the shop to see about getting a smaller labret, after checking my lip and jewellery Liana decided I needed another week to make sure most of the swelling would go down before she was happy to change the labret for one of a smaller post, after talking to Liana about that I started enquiring about microdermals again, she showed me the equipment, the jewellery I could be having and what the procedure was like, how she done it what to expect, she then went on to show me her portfolio of pieces she had pierced and her certificates. I already trusted the place and was told I could get a 20% student discount, even though that deal ended months ago!!

So I went and drew out my £52 and went back to the shop. I knew I couldn't rush Liana but I had a meeting with my personal advisor in less than an hour and I had to get the bus back so I told Liana and explained I wanted the placement of the microdermals on my chest, so she asked where, and I showed her, she started marking, measuring, checking skin, marking again until she was happy they were level. I checked and they seemed to be perfect. I couldn't believe I was actually going to get them done! By this point however I was absolutely petrified, I have had a prior 20 piercings done but never microdermals and I'd heard some pretty bad horror stories about the procedure so my friend came in for moral support and to watch as she likes piercings also.

Liana got me to lie on the bed and get comfortable she then began manipulating my skin and checking for veins, it was then at this pont that my nerves subsided completely and were replaced my anticipation and more excitement than ive felt since playing on stage, when she was happy to start Liana explained she was about to use the dermal punch and to get ready. I breathed in she checked if my friend was ok and then it began...

I felt a slight pinch almost like an injection but it was if it was turning, then a second later, it was gone, Liana then pressed towel onto the wound to stop bleeding, used the probe to lift my skin, strangely I felt this but it didn't hurt Liana asked if I could even feel it (turned out afterwards she was saying that bit was the least favourite, creating the pocket), then easily and painlessly inserted the jewellery! I couldnt believe it had been as quick and painless as that! Liana let me check I was happy then strapped it down tight. She then proceeded to do the other side which didn't bleed anywhere near as much, (Liana told me when I got my lip done that I was a bleeder so I was expecting lots of blood) and as simple as the first I was all done. The whole process took about twenty minutes and I got back to campus in time for my meeting!

I didn't get an endorphin rush straight away but later on I got the biggest endorphin rush i had ever felt. My anchors look amazing they haven't been sore and i just cant wait until I've got enough money to go back and get more. Liana is an amazing piercist; she is calm, friendly, talks through every procedure and really puts you at ease. Her shop is clean and welcoming, with a good range of jewellery and I thoroughly recommend her!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Liana
Studio: Liana%27s+Studio
Location: Colchester%2C+Essex%2C+England

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