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Twin Sternum Piercings

My roommate Alicia and I often joke about how similar we are, and now we have at least one more thing in common – our lovely sternum piercings.

It all started with browsing the BMEzine site out of boredom. Between classes, before bed, avoiding homework...We became relatively obsessed with all the new body mods we hadn't known about! Especially sternum surface piercings (or, "cleavage piercings"). The longer the idea brewed in our minds, the more and more we desperately wanted to just run right out and get pierced. The local piercing shop, Hallowed Ground, is on route to one of the college buildings where most of our classes take place, and that was a daily tease! But trying to save money and not having time kept both her and me away for a couple weeks, until we couldn't take it any longer.

One day, somewhere around the center of the week, we resolved to go to Hallowed Ground on the weekend and see about getting pierced. I wasn't sure we should be so hasty about having holes jabbed in our chests, so we figured we could ask about whether they do surface piercings, and how much it would cost. Friday rolled around, and we were lazy and didn't go (I think Alicia was feeling a little hesitant herself!). Saturday arrived and we still weren't doing homework, weren't doing much of anything, so when Alicia mentioned that we hadn't been to the shop like we promised ourselves, I said, "Let's go!" It was about quarter to 6 pm - which is when they close - so I thought we could try to get appointments for the next day, as the shop is open by appointment only on Sundays.

We bolted out the door and managed to walk what is normally a 10-minute distance in about 3 – and the shop was already closed for the night. Oh well, we could always show up on Sunday and not expect any real service beyond making an appointment for Monday or Tuesday. We would be in that area anyway, since it was finally time to quit slacking and get some homework done at the aforementioned campus building.

So, Sunday now...We actually managed to find the place open, without having to jog there. We were a bit nervous to go in now that we could, and even when we mustered up the courage to do it, we ended up standing in the reception area for several minutes waiting on someone, anyone, and trying to decide what to ask. When the only guy running the shop came out from the back, we were fortunate to find that it was Nate, the piercer. He confirmed that they do perform surface piercings there, and that he's generally around on any given day...Seemed like he was hinting that he was free right away, even though the shop was "open by appointment." Either way, we had gotten pretty anxious by that point and needed some time to regain our composure before making any important decisions. We told him we might be back on Monday or Tuesday.

Again, the more we thought about it, the more we started to want it...All we could talk about while developing film (we're both photo majors) was going back right then and there...I didn't have my ID on me, so we gave ourselves until we returned to the apartment to decide. When we walked past Hallowed Ground, however, the neon "OPEN" sign was shut off! Foiled again! Until...we saw Nate step outside the shop, and stopped on the street to decide if we should run over and ask him if he was completely closing up. Of course we were too shy and he went back inside before we could say anything, so we rushed home to try calling.

When we got home, we did just that – he was about to close up but would give us a few minutes to come in and get a couple quick piercings, so again we ran out of the apartment, first to find an ATM in case the shop was cash only. The machine literally threw the money at Alicia and she had to pick it up off the floor, giggling all the while, but we made it back to Hallowed Ground fast enough! He let us in, took our IDs, and immediately took us to the back. I was practically shaking with nervousness, but it was relaxing being just the three of us in there!

I had no intention of backing out, but I offered up Alicia as the sacrificial lamb to get poked first. The actual procedure seemed like a whirlwind (maybe because we were so rushed in everything, even the decision-making), and before I knew it, Nate was marking Alicia's chest and sterilizing the jewelry while I was still signing my one release form. I didn't even know at the time if I filled everything out correctly!

Her piercing seemed to go very smoothly and that calmed a few of my nerves. Lie on the table, quick clamps, and the needle went straight through. It took maybe 10 minutes, from the markings to the jewelry. And it looked great! I was definitely ready for mine. Same procedure; clamps that pinch like nobody's business, and get ready for the needle...I grabbed onto the waistband of my jeans like Alicia had and I could feel the pinch of the needle...and that was about it. Slight pressure as he worked the needle through, but honestly, it really didn't hurt. The clamps were the worst! I was more than happy to receive the jewelry, even if that added a little extra sting. It bled a bit, but I always bleed when I get pierced. At one point the endorphins kicked in as a bonus to the anxiety and I felt such a rush...Nate had to ask if I was okay and when I replied "That was

amazing!" he joked, "Glad it was good for you."

In the end, it cost us each a cool $60 – in our haste, we did forget to tip Nate, but I'm sure he knew we were happy as clams with our new adornments. And we're definitely willing to return for more! I would definitely recommend going for it and getting this piercing if you're considering it and can find a good piercer...Naturally they're delicate piercings to begin with, but ours are a week old and look like they're healing just fine (not too much redness, a few crusties and stickiness), which all started with his awesome piercing skill! In and out by the time our negatives were dry.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Nate+Hollyer
Studio: Hallowed+Ground
Location: Portland%2C+ME

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