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My experience of a surface bar below my eye (anti-eyebrow piercing)

I had been interested in getting my lip pierced for years and finally done it. I liked how it looked and decided I wanted something else and not often seen in London. So I decided to have a surface bar put in just below my right eye (anti-eyebrow).

I had a look over the internet at lots of pictures, good and bad to help me make my decision, and make sure I definitely wanted it. I saw some really disgusting rejection photos and some really cool successful results. I thought it looked really cool.

I mentioned it to a few of my friends for there reaction. Well, nobody thought it was a good idea, 'you might go blind' 'what if they slip' 'why have you always got to be so extra?' 'sounds nice but not on you'. My mum said she would disown me (just like she threatened when i got my lip pierced)

Well, having listened to everyone say to me it will look shit, I decided I was going to have it done anyway - I knew it would be hot!

I went to my local piercing studio and asked how much it would be, how long it would take to heal etc. All my questions were answered, I knew it was what I wanted. I then asked to book an appointment. I was told that they wouldn't do it for me, because I was a girl and when it gets rejected it would leave 'a dirty great scar' I replied 'I know the risks and I want it regardless' but they were adamant. They would not pierce a girl with a surface bar below the eye.

So I decided to go to another piercing studio in Camden that my friends had used before and recommended. I went in and asked them if it was possible to have the piercing. They discussed the possible scaring and rejection probability. After talking in depth about the procedure, we then discussed the cleaning process and aftercare.

It was time! I paid in full and went into the piercing room. I was nervous, I lay back and breathed steadily, just before I got pierced I said 'please be careful of my eye'. She laughed and said it would be fine and to relax, I must close my eyes until I was told. I shut my eyes and braced myself for the pain. A sudden pain followed, I waited for the next part, the next threshold of pain. But that was it, it was over with very quickly. She then screwed on the ball and told me I could open my eyes, it bled a tiny bit and then I looked in the mirror for the result. I loved it! It looked great. I thanked the piercer and went out the room to show my friend.

I proudly showed my piercing to my friend in the waiting area, she looked at me and said it looked great, 'I cant believe you did it'. I had, and I was pleased she liked it. I left the studio with a huge grin on my face and I knew it was brilliant, for the next day I seemed to see the small balls below my left eye, they seemed to catch my eye a lot. As time went by I got used to it and didn't even see them unless I looked down purposely, it because second nature.

A few weeks went buy and it seemed to be clearing and healing well, the redness was going away and I liked it. But, I knocked it a few times and it became swollen, I continued to look after it and clean it with a warm water and sea salt solution to keep it from getting infected. It healed, but I kept knocking it and seemed to go back to square one, I knocked it, got it stuck in my friends hair, pulled it up when I took my jumper off. It was all-too-easy to disrupt this piercing and it was getting very annoying, because it looked great when it wasn't swollen. I went to a few festivals over the summer and because cleaning facilities were limited it because infected and it started to reject, this happened slowly and eventually after a few weeks of careful nursing of the piercing it became obvious it was beyond repair or hope and sadly i had to take the piercing out. I went back to the shop in Camden and they removed it for me and told me because I had taken it out in the early s tages of rejection it would probably leave a small scar that would get smaller and almost uunnoticible over time. We then discussed anchors, and the probability of rejection. I have decided I will have anchors put in, but not in the same place - perhaps beside my eye on my temple.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Eclipse
Studio: Eclipse+Camden
Location: London

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