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Treated like a ROCKSTAR while getting a Dermal Anchor

It's funny. I am unbelievably socially anxious, yet I often find myself on one of the most bustling streets in Providence: Thayer Street. Now, I enjoy the tea on that street, but I can put the kettle on at home. What usually turns out to be the main purpose of braving panic attacks in this part of the city is Rockstar Body Piercing. This proves true for the 22nd of August, 2008. I had been talking/writing about how I thought dermal anchoring sounded like a really awesome idea for quite some time. At around 8pm on said evening, my boyfriend ran upstairs into Rockstar to ask if they would be able to do a dermal anchor. He came back down shortly after to tell me they would. I then went upstairs myself. We discussed what I wanted done (a dermal anchor at the base of my throat) and Jef talked to me about how he felt 'his' style of jewelry used for dermal anchoring worked very, very well. He talked about piercing versus dermal punching for dermal anchoring. He also told me that after having this done, it would be pretty much impossible to change the jewelry in the future. I was fine with that. He also said that if for whatever reason, the disc came lose and the rest of the jewelry slipped down inside me, I would have to have it cut out. I was fine with that too. I then asked if it would be painful; it's a habit I have, though I have never found anything I've had pierced to be 'painful'. Jay, another piercer, stood up and gave me a look over pointing out every piercing that I have saying that a microdermal would be far less 'painful'. While Jef readied everything/marked me, I talked about how my boyfriend's sister had brought her daughter to what I thought to be (and told her it was!) not all that great place to get pierced. I also told him about how when I'd gone with her, the piercer there asked, "Where do you get pierced?" When I gave him my response, he told me that Rockstar is "shitty" and that he has to "fix" a lot of Jef/Jay's work. Jef found this to be pretty hilarious and then we discussed how silly it would look if they beat said piercer up.
I looked at the marking and thought it to be centered. Jay was called in to offer his opinion. I sat. I stood. I moved my neck like a giraffe engaging in battle... just to make sure it was centered. We all agreed that it was. Jef also had me tell the story about that piercer to Jay. Jay said he had never even heard of the piercer, or the establishment. Finally, we were ready to go! Jef asked if I wanted to lie down or sit up. I figured I would be okay sitting up, so I decided to do just that. Jef walked me through breathing exercises, as he always does. He then used the dermal punch on the marking. Honestly, I barely felt it. Earlier, when discussing the procedure, he told me that "pocketing" the 'internal' part of the microdermal could be a little painful. I kept this in mind and was slightly nervous. As he maneuvered the jewelry beneath my skin, however, it didn't bother me at all, but I could definitely see how it could have been considered by others to be "a little painful". A flat, silver disc was then screwed into the post.
Before I even looked, Jef told me that it looked really good and that he was "totally jelly". We then, of course, were absolutely compelled to do the "Are you gellin'? Like a fellon, Magellan!"-thing. I stood and looked in the mirror. I thought it was so... fancy! It was really eye catching but still, so subtle. I went to show Jay-the piercer and Jay-my boyfriend the end result. Both liked it. I went back in to be bandaged. I tipped, thanked and hugged Jef. As we were leaving, Jef called us back up the stairs and gave my boyfriend a ROCKSTAR BODY PIERCING shirt and a ROCKSTAR BODY PIERCING tote bag to me.
I could not have asked for a better experience.
I was told to bandage the microdermal for the first week. I did just that. I found that those little, circular bandages worked aces. Honestly, it only crusted a bit during the first and second nights. It has not been sore; I've not experienced any discomfort from the microdermal. I've had it for just over two weeks now and thus far, everything is going smoothly! I can only hope things continue to go this way. I will definitely 'do' dermal anchoring again in the future!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jef+Saunders
Studio: Rockstar+Body+Piercing
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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