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the lazy persons necklace

I am an incredibly lazy person – so lazy, in fact, that the act of accessorizing is something I just cannot be bothered with. Putting on and taking off dangly jewelry everyday just does not appeal to me. Still, I love that little extra sparkle.

This is why I decided to get my 2 clavicle surface bars. I had been thinking about them for years. When I had first decided I really wanted them, they were illegal in Massachusetts. I read up on them a bit and even though I knew there was a high rejection rate I decided I didn't care. I'd still be happy to end up with a pair of scars.

Fast forward two or so years to last weekend; the Boston tattoo convention. I just stopped by for the day to check out my roommates who were both tattooing and being tattooed. The last time I had gone to the convention I ended up just walking around and getting nothing done – needless to say I left feeling very unsatisfied. I decided that could not happen this year. So I asked around a bit and found out that Ryan Oulette, of Precision Body Arts in NH, who actually had been recommended to me the very day before! It just worked out too perfectly and after walking around in circles for about an hour, and a sandwich, I finally went over to the Precision Body Arts stand to get marked and pierced.

Normally when I get a new piercing I get very nervous. I was a tiny bit, but for some reason I wasn't shaky or anxious like I usually get. My friend with me was more nervous then I was, and when Ryan told her she couldn't hold my hand because he needed to move around me a bit, I thought she was going to pass out.

Ryan took a good amount of time to place and mark where my new bars were going to be. At first they were a bit high so he moved them down and then he had me lay on the table. There was a lot going on but I was able to focus on the really neat window on the ceiling and that helped bring me into the moment. I really enjoy the rush that I get from being pierced, and I was preparing myself for serious pain. Ryan prepped everything and then pinched my skin between his fingers and told me to breathe.

I didn't even feel the needle go in. I didn't feel the jewelry either. And I didn't feel him screw on the discs. He asked me if I was doing ok, if I needed a moment. I explained to him that I was mildly disappointed.

"I can f*ck up real bad on the next one if you want." You gotta love piercer humor. It's always about hurting you.

The second bar actually hurt a bit. It immediately started bleeding and he had to wait a minute before he pulled the bar through. Once it was done I felt fine. He cleaned me up and sent me on my way with an instruction sheet, a bottle of h2ocean, and a big smile.

So far they have been great. Its been about 4 days and there has been no swelling, and they're barely even red. The only thing I have noticed is that today they're starting to get a bit itchy! Overall they were my least painful piercings, and so far least painful healing.

I absolutely love them.

--Ten Days Later--

My new piercings feel great. Sometimes they would get a bit stingy, but only for a second or two. They are a bit red around the holes still, but not sore or tender. When Ryan told me that I would start to feel them "loosen up" I didn't understand what he meant. They are almost wiggly, but not in a way that I feel like they are going to shift drastically or anything. All in all, I'm really happy with how they have been progressing. And I have to say that they are the lowest maintenance piercing I have ever had. They were pretty itchy there for a while, but i haven't noticed any kind of fluid or crust at all. Sometimes if i sleep on them they get a little uncomfortable, but that is my own fault. My favorite part about them, besides that they are so gorgeous and lined up so nicely, is the way the bar feels under my skin. I haven't really allowed myself to play with them yet, but just running my finger over them is really interesting.

People's reactions are very different than my other piercings. I have had ONE person actually say "Those are pretty!".

Everyone else gives me that whole "OH MY GOD THAT MUST HAVE HURT!" Or just the "...Why?". I don't mind it though, i just find it strange that no one is weird about my medusa, yet they see the clavicles and think it's insane.

Photos and updates to come soon!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ryan+Oulette
Studio: Boston+Tattoo+Conventi
Location: precision+body+arts%2C+nh

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