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Surface tragus by a hot guy

So today I was lying in my bed at quarter to 2 and my brother was playing a stupid shooting game too loud for my liking next door so I decided to go out... and get pierced.

There's plenty of piercings I want so today all I had to do was decide on the least painful, seeing as I was hardly psyched up for it, and that was the surface tragus. I have an anti-tragus which is the worst piercing I've ever had (I later found out today that it was pierced with a bar that was way too thick, so no wonder its still sore after months)so I'm off cartilage piercings for a while.

I wanted the surface tragus, or vertical surface tragus, because I'm not confident enough to go for any more facial piercings (I have my nostril done) and I'm still unsure about bodily surface piercings as I've seen some mighty scars. Nipple and navel have been done so for now the most I can do is around the ears. Next will be a lobe orbital (again staying clear of the cartilage).

So off I went to the best piercing shop I know- Nirvana in Glasgow (I've been to other piercers so am pretty confident its one of the best- so clean and friendly). I had booked an appointment seeing as it was late in the day and I didn't want to chance going in without one as they are usually really busy.

I was pretty nervous making my way to the shop, I always get that "what am i doing?" feeling as I walk my way towards pain but I knew that it would be worth it. I had a smile on my face the whole way there.

I was greeted by Marc as I walked in and he gave me a form to fill out (name, age, are u pregnant, HIV positive...). I waited about 15 mins before Marc was ready for me. The back bit where all the piercings are done is extremely professional looking, with the chair being covered in different paper between piercings. Marc took ages getting everything ready, being extremely sterile, washing his hands like 5 times, changing his gloves loads. It was great. While all this was happening we were having a good chat about his "manly weekend" and what we were gettin up to etc. Very easy guy to talk to.

He marked the dots next to my tragus a couple of times and measure them to get them just right.

So when he was ready to pierce me he got me to lie down on the chair and turn my head towards him (which i was more than happy to do). He pinched the skin between the dots and I flinched, thinking the needle was about to go through. He kinda shat himself and wondered what was going on. But it's just a thing I have where I HATE surprise piercings, I'd rather know exactly when the needle was going through. However, as he explained, this wasn't happening and he was just gathering the skin (stupid me). So after promising to let me know when it was going through, he told me to take a deep breath and he inserted the needle (bottom hole first). I took a second breath as the needle popped out the other side.

For the few moments with just the needle in, the side of my head was pretty numb and sore but I have to say it was generally a painless piercing, totally worth it.

Inserting the jewellery was no problem (a steel barbell), and unlike other piercings, wasn't the most painful part.

Marc said there was some bleeding but cleaned it up before I even had a chance to see it so I'm guessing it was extremely minimal. At this point it was sore, kinda like a really sore head but only in that area- which is nothing really is it?

We went out to the front to go over aftercare as it was pretty boiling in that room. He went over everything from hairspray to "oral contact" and described me as "the best kind of client".

I paid him £30 and reluctantly left the shop (he's so cute and great to talk to)

I was absolutely delighted with it as soon as I saw it in the mirror, its amazing. Best one ever. I'm so so happy with it, and will definately go back to Marc for more, he totally put me at ease (it helps when the piercer isn't only trustworthy and professional but also damn hot).

Go for this piercing if your thinking about it, its practically painless. The only problem would be its rejection rate. I may have this for 2 months, may have it for 2 years (hopefully forever) but it was well worth the £30!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Marc
Studio: Nirvana
Location: Glasgow

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