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Rook to Daith Industrial

I've wanted a rook piercing for a while, and had been considering a daith. So why not combine the two? That would be pretty interesting. I called Colorbomb Tattoo (formerly Lynnwood Tattoo), where I have been pierced multiple times, and asked if they could do that and how much it might cost, knowing that it probably wasn't something that's done very often. I had to go in for a "consultation" to see if it would be able to be done in my ear (and so they could come up with a price). I thought that was pretty professional of them. Rather than just doing what I wanted, they wanted to make sure it would work for me and not reject. Anyway, after talking to Ralph a few times, we decided on the placement and the jewelry that we thought would work the best.

Then the day came to do it. We discussed jewelry and placement again. He cleaned my ear, marked where the holes were going to be, and had me sit just so. I was somewhat prepared for the pain, couldn't be worse than my standard industrial, right? The rook came first...fairly painful but not as bad as I thought it'd be. Now time for the daith...more painful, but I think the angle and having a fresh piercing right above it contributed to that. Then came threading the jewelry, a 16ga curved barbell. Up thought the daith first, as threading the ball onto the end of a barbell practically inside my ear would be near impossible. Then through the rook...more pain as getting the angle just so was a bit hard. And then the ball went on with mild difficulty, and a pair of hemostats. All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. There was the normal amount of pain and swelling.

That is, until about 3 days later when my ear started throbbing pretty consistently. We both had thought the original barbell was going to be fine, perhaps a tiny bit snug with swelling. I have multiple other cartilage piercings that didn't swell very much, so I thought I knew how much these would swell. My rook had other ideas...the barbell was too short to accommodate all the swelling which was pissing it off even more. So this was a Monday and I was unable to get back in until Friday (1 week after piercing) due to my long work hours. So back in I went. By then, the top ball of the barbell was nearly flush with the skin. I had been doing sea salt soaks and cleaning as instructed (can't imagine what it would have looked like without), as well as icing when I could and not sleeping on that side.

It was decided that 2 pieces of jewelry would be sooo much better for the healing process. So the deep breathing began (for both of us). Nobody wants to take (or replace) jewelry on a week old pissed off piercing. Getting the ball off the barbell hurt like nobody's business...remember the ball being nearly flush with the skin?? Ok, that was over. Then came taking the barbell out, not terrible, but not fun. Ralph decided to get the new barbell for my rook in first as it was the one that was mad and we didn't want it to go closing up on us. Deep breath...and in it went (with some difficulty due to the swelling). Wow, that hurt even more than trying to get the ball off!!! I've never cried while getting pierced (not even for my 12ga industrial), but a tear came out during that. I even had to ask him to stop at one point. Ok, so the barbell was in, and the ball was not on yet, but we decided to give it a break and get my daith some new metal. Now, my daith was fairly happy, so get ting the CBR in was only difficult due to it being set pretty deep. That was still painful, but mainly because bumping my rook was pretty inevitable. Back to the rook...ball went on with some hemostats again and I was sufficiently sore and light-headed. Yowsers!

I went back weekly for about two months so Ralph could check it's progress, then the re-checks tapered as it got better. Six months later, I'm sitting here with those same 2 pieces of jewelry in what will become a rook to daith industrial. My daith is as happy as could be, feels like I've had it for years, no soreness at all. My rook still gets a bit sore, especially if I sleep on it, but nothing that I can't live with. I'm waiting for it to get really happy before I put a single barbell through the two...hopefully it'll work well. If not, I'm still happy with my 2 newest piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ralph
Studio: Colorbomb+Tattoo
Location: Lynnwood%2C+WA

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