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Putting a Hole in my Neck.

Just after Christmas in 2007, I decided I wanted a new body piercing.

I had been thinking about it for awhile, and decided that I wanted a nape piercing, which is a piercing in the back of your neck for those of you unfamiliar with the term 'nape.'

I called in and asked some questions, then headed on down to Richmond St. with a friend and we waited. The foyer of the store was very clean, and organized. The staff were very friendly and courteous. There were several photo albums full of pictures of tattoos and piercings that they had done on previous customers, and even from photos, you could tell you were dealing with a really good, and pristine tattoo and piercing parlour.

I wish I could remember the piercer's name, but it escapes me at the moment. But I spoke with him, and he explained to me about the procedure, taking care of it, possible pain and infections, and that they are susceptible to reject. I decided that I really wanted it, so I sat down in the chair and he began his magic.

He cleaned off my neck, and I put my hair up and out of the way. He made sure I was ready and we had casual conversation as he tried to stick the needle in. He said I had really thick skin, and it might hurt. It didn't for me, so we continued talking. He stuck in the hollowed out needle, put in the barbell, and closed it up. He cleaned it up, and showed me in the mirror. I was so pleased with it, and it looked great. My piercer apologized for any pain I had felt, which I didn't, but it was a nice gesture.

The pain really wasn't anything great, it just felt hot and then a quick pinch and it was done. I went to pay for the piercing and was informed that I could get another for free, so I just got a cartilage underneath my already existing one, which I had done when I was 13 at a cheap accessory store. (Don't get piercings there, kids! You're just asking for infection!)

I was sure to purchase some cleaning swabs, and tipped my piercer as he did a great job. So overall, I spent about 100 dollars for the piercings and then another 25 dollars for the cleaning supplies, which sounds a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it. I really recommend tipping your piercer if they do a good job, as it not only makes them happy but they will remember that if you ever come in again for another piercing. I tipped him an extra 5 dollars on top of the piercing price.

I still have the piercing, and it is almost a year since I have had it. It's been 9 months, and no signs of infection or rejection.

The only thing I find is that it still gets a bit of that gunk every now and then, but it's easy to clean. The piercing also tends to get caught on long hair, necklaces, and collared shirts. I don't experience any pain with it, except when it gets tugged on or caught and I pull it free. But the pain subsides quickly, and it is nothing severe. Changing the piercing can be difficult as it is hard to see the back of your neck, even with mirrors. I usually just take it out once a month to properly clean the bar, and the balls on the end of the barbell. Make sure that you have the balls screwed on tightly as they can fall off easily, especially when caught on something.

Despite rumours I had heard, you do not lose any sensitivity in the back of your neck. And for those wondering if it hurts, all I can say is that it really depends on your piercer and your pain tolerance.

I'd recommend the piercing to anyone who wants one, and recommend Perfect Image in London, Ontario Canada. However, I don't recommend it to people who always insist on wearing necklaces, as it does often get caught or even tangled in the chain. Overall, it was a great experience. The adrenaline you get from having a piercing really takes your mind off the pain of the actual piercing, and then how it looks afterward makes it even more worthwhile. If you are getting the piercing, be sure to listen to your piercer and follow any instructions he or she gives you. I do not recommend using rubbing alcohol or any other harsh soaps or cleansers as it can greatly irritate the skin and piercing itself, and I learned from experience. The irritation from using the improper cleansers was probably the most painful part of the entire piercing procedure.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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