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Nape Piercing - What a shock!!

I had wanted my nape pierced for ages, at first I never thought it would be something I would get done, just something that I would always look at and like on other people. I must have been looking at pictures and reading stories myself for about 18 months before I actually decided I wanted it done. I have never actually planned my piercings, I want most things pierced and I usually just randomly get them done one by one. When I was in town one Saturday afternoon I just decided 'What the hell!' and marched off to Stephs Piercing and Tattoo Studio in Bolton. I wasn't sure if they actually did surface piercings but I knew it was a very popular studio and being the best in town I assumed they would.

They did! Woop! Now I was beginning to think 'Do I definitely want this one' as I get things on a whim I usually think this but I never turn back. That's just me though, if you think that you don't want the hassle make sure you really contemplate what your doing because piercings, especially surface ones can cause more trouble than they are worth!

After managing to get hold of a friend for moral support (and incase I couldn't bear the pain) I enquired about prices, aftercare, how long it would last and all the rest. I wouldn't shut up infact as nerves were getting the better of me. It cost me £40 and I was told about the risks of it growing out and the fact that it can drive people mad, I actual thought he was trying to talk me out of it but I know that he was just giving me the best advice possible. I signed the docs needed to be signed and I was taken into the room.

Sat down in the chair, no turning back now! I wanted to cry, haha, Im such a softie. Mike the piercer was laughing at me infact. I kept asking 'does it hurt?' he was useless! All he said was 'I don't know I've never had it done!' Thats the thing I like about Stephs, they are honest! I leant forward as instructed and Mike began to freeze my neck, this actually stung a little, it was bloody cold I know that! By now I was shaking a little, probably from the spray but most probably from the anticipation of what I was about to have done. I felt like I was ready for an operation or something. Another one of my mates arrived, word spread quickly so I felt a little like freak now! I was sat there for about 2 minutes after Mike had finished spraying my neck. He told me breathe in after three, as I did..... I felt nothing.... no joke, I didnt believe that the jewelry was in. I kept saying 'it's not in its not in' There was not a sting, or a pinch, nothing. He showed me in the mirror, i t was slightly red but apart from that all pretty and neat. I was marched off the premises for being hyper haha with a bottle of cleaning fluid and a smile on my face.

It was only when I got outside that I felt it, it was freezing cold being November so the air got to it. It still didn't sting; it just felt a little warm. I left it for 24 hours before cleaning, I always do with my piercings as I think they need time to settle, I used warm mild salt water and a little of the solution, I find it a little harsh sometimes and it can dry the area out. The first night I didn't sleep too well, only because I was paranoid about catching it but it was fine. I got loads of comments; mainly because people don't think Im 'that kind of girl' all my piercings are hidden so it was a shock to most people, especially at work! I loved it, even though I couldn't see it! I was also very lucky that I had no problems with infection or redness, some people get a line across the bar but I didn't.

I had no problems with the piercing at all apart from you do catch it the odd few times if you forget about it. Aslong as you're aware of it whilst it's healing you will be fine. Just need to make sure you don't catch it with a hair brush that does hurt!! I have now taken it out, not because it caused me any discomfort or began to grow out but just decided one day to de metal myself!

Im a wimp so if you used to body mods and this is one you haven't got GO FOR IT!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Stephs
Location: England

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