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My New 14 Gauge Microdermal

On Monday, the first day of Spring, I decided to go and visit my old piercer Belinda at her new location in the city... However, much to my disappointment she wasn't there.

I was just looking to drop in, have a chat and see how she was, but my trip to the piercing studio later entailed more than that, which is always a good thing.

I met Robin, who is the other piercer who works with my friend Belinda at Off Ya Tree on Oxford Street in Sydney.

Robin and I were talking for a little while about the advantages and disadvantages of surface piercings in comparison to Microdermal piercings and visa versa.

Robin showed me her Microdermal (upper arm) which was one week old and looking immaculate considering it was not fully healed by any means.

After further education from Robin on the Microdermal procedure and procrastination on my part, I decided I was going to get pierced and I chose the Microdermal as my best option for the nape of my neck.

This was a piercing I had wanted for some time and I had finally just stumbled upon the right time and place to have the procedure undertaken.

So I signed my forms, read all of the aftercare requirements and made my way down the stairs to the piercing room right after the health inspector had been (they passed all checks with flying colours).

I watched Robin as she meticulously got out all of her equipment and neatly lined everything up on the tray... I stared at the dermal punch for about 2 minutes, establishing in my head if it in fact looked more, or less threatening and painful than a regular piercing needle; not that I mind, pain is a kick and beauty is pain.

Robin marked me up and I checked the placement in the mirror, (which is hard to do when looking at the back of your own head) I then decided I was beyond happy and ready to go so I laid face down on the piercing table...

...Robin squeezed at the nape of my neck to get just the right bulk of flesh in her hot little hands as she reassessed the alignment of her markings and felt for any inconsistencies in my skin which may have posed as a problem.

I inhaled in and slowly let my breath out as I felt a slight prick to the back of my neck and a tingle which ran through my whole body before feeling the warm trickle of blood run from my freshly pierced Microdermal.

Don't worry; the blood was cleaned up before it got near enough to my t-shirt to do any harm.

About 5 seconds later the jewelry was inserted, which was the most uncomfortable part of the whole process - yet still, was not painful at all.

The pain was hardly what I had imagined... In fact, I was completely off the mark.

For anybody who is curious I would have rated the pain to be 2 out of 10 or maybe a 3, with 10; of course, being the most painful.

I was bracing for a 7, possibly an 8, purely because I envisaged it to be a similar feeling to my surface piercing, done only weeks before.

It was a very quick and efficient procedure with minimal pain, blood and difficulties. In fact, there were no difficulties.

Robin cleaned me up and put a clear plastic surgical patch (I don't know the technical name) over my new Microdermal to ensure it would sit flat until I cleaned it later that day and applied a new patch before bed.

Overall it was a great experience because it was quick and smooth and simple and clean...

Robin said I had very easy skin to work with, which was good to know for future reference; however, I am unsure of what differentiates skin as being:

  1. Good to work with or;

  2. Difficult to work with

I found my surface piercing to be more painful procedure wise and also more temperamental in terms of healing and overall comfort.

Furthermore, some final pieces of information which may be useful for some considering this procedure:

The Microdermal does not heat up when I am blow-drying my hair.

My hair does not get tangled around it [although it is very long].

I can stretch, turn and bend my neck as per usual with no discomfort whatsoever [I am a gymnast; this factor was important to me].

I can wear necklaces with no discomfort or catching issues.

I would recommend a Microdermal piercing to anybody who is considering it, despite their anxiousness regarding pain or similar issues...

Of course, discuss the process and any queries with your piercer.

But don't be afraid, remember, everybody's pain threshold is different and every piercing is different, so just try it for yourself and see...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Robin
Studio: Off+Ya+Tree
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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