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My microdermals, my favourite mod so far!

For several years I'd liked the look of surface bars, I liked the fact you could adorn almost any part of your body with metal. However, after a lot of reading into it I discovered the high rate of rejection and the ugly scars that were usually left behind. Unsatisfied with this discovery, I decided that although pretty, a surface bar was not the modification for me. Recently though, I read about microdermals here on BME and the old craving returned. It seemed that they were almost an alternative to surface bars but could have more success. As they were relatively new on the scene I decided to keep watch on forums etc on the progress of various microdermals. The internet community seemed undecided so again I decided against it.

Then recently, while in my usual piercing studio, I noticed a poster about them doing microdermals and I was intrigued, but when I asked about them I was directed to another studio a couple of roads away due to lack of microdermal jewellery. Still curious, I walked to Modern Body Art and noticed their advertisement for the microdermals. I went in and decided to book an appointment for them, after all, I could discuss it with the piercer Rosie and change my mind if I wished. So, the following week I made my way to the studio and waited until she was ready for me. I'd never used that particular studio but I'd heard endless good things about it.

She directed me into the piercing room which was clean and well layed out. I sat on the bench and she showed me the jewellery that I could have. I asked her how many microdermals she'd done and if she knew how some had healed, she said she'd done about 100 or so and only one had asked for it to be removed due to the post-piercing redness not going after 2 months. I asked if it left much of a scar when they were removed which is when she showed me her wrist, she had "practiced" on herself, but had to remove them due to them catching on the sleeves of clothing etc. There were 2, barely noticeable, shiny marks. She explained that although they were considered permanent, they could be removed easily with a piercing needle if needs be.

I decided then that I would go ahead with it, and see how it went, as no one really knows how well microdermals take as they're so new, but I was happy with the piercer, the procedure and the removal if it was required.

I'd always wanted surface bars either side of my neck, between my clavicle and shoulder bones, angled inwards slightly. So, I decided that I would have the microdermals done to look like a surface bar, and that I'd have only 2 at first to see how they went. Rosie felt the area I'd showed her and pinched the flesh to see if there was room for the microdermal and how easy or hard it would be to insert. She found a spot that seemed suitable and while holding the skin, she asked me to stretch my arm up and rotate it fully so she could see if the area would be pulled taught during movement. It was fine, so she proceeded to clean the area and mark it. After looking in the mirror I decided I was happy with the placement and we carried on.

I was told to sit up straight and take all my necklaces off, and tie my hair up. She cleaned it again, changed her gloves and got the needle out. She explained that she wasn't going to numb or anaesthetise the area as the process could take longer than the effect of it would last, so it would be pointless. I was fine with this. The needle was a standard piercing needle, and she merely pinched the flesh and inserted it at an angle, moving it slightly inside the skin. The needle was removed and she put the microdermal in a clamp so it was easier to insert. She commented on how tough my skin was to pierce and said that it may cause problems during healing. She inserted the longer side of the "foot" into the skin first, then moved it around, putting pressure on it until it popped into place. The second one wasn't so easily done and I had to lie down to relax the area more, as the first had swelled slightly making it more difficult.

She put tissue underneath my neck incase of bleeding, but I didn't actually bleed at all, which was surprising as on videos of microdermal insertions I've seen, there's been a lot of blood. I was told that there would be a lot of bruising the following day due to the pinching of the skin, but it would fade. Rosie also told me not to have high expectations, as some people just aren't right for some modifications, so it might not stay in. I was advised to put plasters over them at night and to keep my hair away from the area. She also said if it did "pop out" I could push it back in with clean hands if the hole didn't close up.

The whole process took about half an hour, with the first taking 5 minutes and the second around 15 minutes, with another 5 minutes being the consultation. It didn't hurt at all, but the second microdermal was uncomfortable due to the skin aching from the pinching and the manouvering of the first one. The care sheet I was given said not to use salt water as the salt could be left underneath the gem, but to use boiled water twice a day to remove "crusties". I was also told that the attachments may not be able to be changed at a later date as sometimes they can "fuse" to the bar. Over the next week I cleaned it as told, but I didn't actually get any "crusties" forming at all. There was no bruising either. Overall, it healed better and faster than any of my other 17 piercings. So a month later, which I considered my "trial period" I got the other two to match, with the same results.

5 months on, they're beautiful. They haven't shown any signs of rejection at all, and they've only occassionally reddened when they've been irritated by perfume and soap that's accidentally got onto them. However, the gems have unscrewed and been lost a few times, even though I was warned about not being able to change them, but I can't complain. They're my favourite modification and I would recommend them to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rosie
Studio: Modern+Body+Art
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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