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Microdermal experience four times over.

I decided to get two microdermals done after a long year of thinking about it. At first I wanted to get a surface piercing on my wrists and I researched it and read testimonials only to quickly realize that any kind of surface piercing on my wrists would be a bad idea. I live a fairly active life and can't count the number of times I've accidentally bumped my arms into other things. I also work with small children so anything within their reach would have also been a bad idea considering they liked to touch first and ask questions later. So I considered a nape piercing. Again I did more research and heard stories about easy rejection and infection and I thought since I have long hair it would have been a waste as well cause no one would see it. However, through BME I actually discovered microdermal piercings that were pierced in a way to look like surface piercings. I looked up countless articles and looked at hundreds of pictures and the more I looked the more I decided that these were the piercings for me. They seemed to withstand rejecting and were a lot less invasive than subdermal piercings.

The only studio I could find that advertised it was Sudden Rush Tattoo and Piercing. So I called up and made an appointment. This was my first major piercing so I was nervous and was happy to find that their health department certificates and their piercing certifications were displayed prominently on the wall. Jerry was my piercer and honestly you couldn't find a better guy on the island. He was incredibly thorough and answered any questions I had and even made sure that microdermals were what I wanted, offering me surface piercings and explaining the pros and cons of each choice. He explained the procedure for each kind of piercing and shared a lot of his experiences with each, having had one or more himself.

After determining micros would suit me best, he popped them in right under my collar bone within five minutes. I say five minutes because I got two of them. I was surprised at how much they actually didn't hurt. What I can compare it most to is getting a shot at the doctor's office. There's a prick then all the pressure is released and then there's a dull throb which is more than tolerable. Unfortunately due to anatomy, one of the piercings didn't sit well and he offered to re-pierce if it came out at anytime. I'm on the thinner side and so there wasn't a good layer of fat and skin under my skin right below my collarbone and my piercer didn't want to take any chances by piercing too deeply and damaging the muscle that lay beneath, or worse, the bone itself.

Unfortunately after about three weeks it did reject and I went back to have it re-pierced. He did it free of charge and it was actually sitting better than the first time he'd done it. He explained that he'd used a larger punch to give the jewelry more of a pocket to sit in. I went on a trip about a month after that and again... that same piercing fell out while the other one was doing fine.

When I got home I called Jerry back and he said to come down. This time he did charge me a twenty five dollar piercing fee but I had no problem with that since he'd done so much for free. This time I asked for the piercing to be placed in a different spot since I doubted that third time would be the charm if I continued to ignore my body's rejection. So instead, he placed the jewelry in the softer skin right above my collar bone. Now it looks like I have a piercing that goes under my collar bone. It's a great look and I was very happy with the results. The after care for these is really easy and I've noticed that they withstand a lot if you just keep them clean.

So my micros have popped out a total of three times and each time he has re-pierced free of charge or with a minimal fee. I finally have them set where they are healing well and they have been fine ever since. I do recommend getting microdermals placed where there is a bit more cushion in the skin so they 'stick' a bit better. I also stress that if you do decide that you want a certain piercing that you do a whole bunch of research! I can't tell how many times I've changed my mind because I talked to my piercer or because I read articles (medical, testimonial, and otherwise). It could really help to make your piercing experience that much more enjoyable.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jerry
Studio: Sudden+Rush+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Hawaii

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