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I decide to get a microdermal. Hilarity ensues.

My friend Ivy introduced me to a place at St. Marks called Whatever Tattoo back in February. Before then, I got my eyebrow piercing at some other place on that street, and after that, I began buying my jewelry at Andromeda down the block because that place has some credibility.

Generally, St. Marks is the place most people in NYC go to get their piercings/tattoos/bongs/pipes/salvia etc. There are probably around a dozen stores on that one street that does tattoos or piercings. Generally, from what I can tell, St. Marks gets a pretty bad reputation (one person actually implied that I have AIDS because I got my eyebrow pierced there).

Anyways, I quickly learned that Andromeda was very pricey. So after a while, I began going to Whatever Tattoo to buy my barbells and rings for my eyebrow. Soon enough, I got my first tattoo there, and I was already interested in my next piercing.

That's around the time I became interested in microdermals. I went in to ask Tito (I think that's his name, unless I totally heard it wrong) how much a microdermal would cost me. To be blunt, microdermals are expensive. So I decided instead of getting a series of them like I see here on BME, I'd find a single spot to put it. I eventually decided on my wrist. I had a mole there when I was little, and I scratched it until it was completely gone, and it left a (very) small scar.

Finally, I got paid, and I went in last night to get it done.

Now, New York City is full of interesting people. I'd have to say a large majority of the interesting people all converge at St. Marks. So if there's any reason to get your tattoo/piercing done at St. Marks, it's definitely because of the people you'll meet, or because of what will happen. When I went to get my tattoo done, there were plenty of cute girls complimenting me on my design. And while I was getting it done, one girl walked to the back and began going on about how if she got a tattoo, she wouldn't be buried because she's Jewish. Herman, the guy who was giving me the tattoo, didn't seem to happy that she was walking around asking questions. Honestly, I didn't mind. She was kind of cute.

So I walked into Whatever Tattoo last night, and Tito, the guy who does the piercings, was talking with a group of girls who went to get their friend's belly button pierced. He told me he'd do my microdermal after he was done with her. He went ahead, pierced her belly button (she yelped a bit), and then went on to work with me. I paid up and sat down as he explained aftercare to the girl who just got pierced.

Suddenly, a woman walked in with two kids. They looked like they were probably six years of age. She asked if the store did henna tattoos. The girl at the counter explained that they didn't, but there was another place down the street that did. Regardless, the woman stayed with her kids, and her kids, all excited, went over to the little plastic window that separates the piercing station from the rest of the store to watch whatever was about to happen to me.

Tito comes back, gets his tools, and preps up my arm. He makes a mark on my barely visible scar and opens the packages for his tools. He used a dermal punch to make a small hole on my arm. He then took the implant and began wedging it in. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it was certainly worst than getting a tattoo (although I guess for me that doesn't say much, because I quite enjoyed the pain I got from getting my tat). He was constantly wiping blood off my arm so he could see exactly what it was he was doing.

I decided to look away. The walls had so many lovely things I could fix my eyes on. I have to say, modified girls are fucking gorgeous. The wall to my right was filled with modified girls that Tito had the pleasure of piercing over the years. In front of me were professional photos of modified models. And right above them were modified tits and vaginas. Honestly, I think I enjoyed a lot of the girls on the right wall the most.

As I was focusing on the girls taped up on the wall, I suddenly hear a cry for help. Behind me, the girl with the belly button piercing was collapsing. She fell on the floor, and all of her friends were crowding around her. Tito kept shouting to give her space, and asked that someone get her orange juice or coke. The mom left and came back with orange juice, and the girl was okay.

Although it's common for people to feel dizzy after a piercing, Tito explained that she shouldn't have been like that considering her collapse came around twenty minutes after her piercing. The girl was apparently watching my procedure and freaked out. Her friends confirmed this, saying she kept commenting on it. They got her out of the store, which was kind of sad, because it meant one of her cute friends had to leave as well. Oh well!

Tito noted that my arm wasn't bleeding that much, and it stopped pretty quickly. He kept trying to use another tool to pull the socket out a little bit so he can screw in the jewelry, but I was bleeding a little bit, and it was difficult to see what exactly it was he was doing.

The little kids, of course, were still watching. I basically said to Tito, "A girl just collapsed from watching this, and we have kids watching?" And Tito responded by saying they aren't supposed to be here. He called the mother over and pointed to the pictures of pierced tits on the wall. She quickly got her kids out. Tito asked the girl at the counter, "Why was she here? Was she getting a piercing or anything?" The girl replied, "She wanted her kids to watch." Only in NYC, I fucking swear.

Finally, Tito gets the jewelry in. As I got up from the chair, a girl sitting on the bench remarked, "That was like fucking surgery!" I tipped Tito well, and I was on my way!

So far, I've shown it to people at work. Some people say it's cool, other people have been disgusted (not at the jewelry itself, but when I explain how the thing doesn't fall out). Of course, my favorite question is definitely "Why?" Of all the piercings I could have possibly gotten, why the fuck would anyone get a socket implanted into their skin?!

Well... Why not? ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tito
Studio: Whatever+Tattoo
Location: St.+Marks+in+NYC

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