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Hip Microdermals =D

I was fourteen years old when I decided that I wanted my hips pierced. I researched around on the internet quite a bit before proposing the idea to my mum. She agreed with it, and we found out that microdermals are much safer than surface bars and have a lower rejection rate. Next, we looked into piercing shops fairly close to where I live, and found that Dragon FX in Kingsway does them. I also heard some positive things about Dragon FX from my friends, so that's always good.

On a lovely Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Edmonton (about an hour away from where I live) and went to Dragon FX. There was no appointment necessary and the people there were very friendly. They gave my mum and I forms to fill out and I had to complete a short open-book quiz on safety and aftercare. Soon, it was my turn to get pierced! Lane, my piercer, took me into the back and prepared everything. I wasn't really nervous because I have a tattoo already and I don't think anything could hurt more than that did! Lane sterilized my stomach and then he marked where each microdermal would be, which was two on each side, with the lower one closer to the centre of my stomach, so they are diagonal. I went to the mirror to see if the markings looked right and they seemed about right. I was so psyched! I jumped up on the table and got ready.

I don't remember EXACTLY how it all happened because it was a while ago, but I'll do my best. I know that Lane used the 'Punch and Taper' method. He got out this little green tool, that I'm pretty sure was the Dermal Punch. He used that to punch a small hole directly on top of the first marking, which was the top left one. Then he got out a needle and put it into the hole, poking first to the left side and then to the right. Next, Lane got out the microdermal jewellery, (which is shaped like an upside down capital letter T) and he had it in this clamp-like thing. He slid one end of the microdermal in and twisted his clamp thing so the other end was pushed down. I was so surprised how much it didn't hurt! It felt just like a small pinch! The two on my left side went great and didn't bleed at all. Lane was very sterile and kept the whole procedure really clean. When we switched over to the right side, I was already expecting the pain and knew what it felt like. So when he pierc ed me for the third time, it was the worst. It still didn't hurt all that bad, but it bled a fair bit. And also, I have a scar on that side from when I got my appendix out, so that could also have affected it. Lane did the fourth microdermal and I was ecstatic! He told me to lay still and relax for a while to let the four piercings settle. Once he gave me the okay to get up, I quickly hurried over to the mirror to admire my new body mods. And I was in love! They were perfect! I thanked Lane and went back out into Dragon FX's lobby where some girls asked to see my new piercings. I showed them and they reassured me that they looked great!

There was no afterpain at all, just tightness. And I have had absolutely no trouble with them, besides the time when I was in the shower and got one of them caught on the puff that i was using to wash with. Luckily for me, it wasn't that bad. The only really tough thing is that I am not allowed to submerge them in water until the six weeks of healing time is up, which means no baths, hot tubs, and no swimming! I have had them for about four weeks now, and in another two weeks I have to go back to Dragon FX so Lane can see how they are doing and so he can change the jewellery if I want. But as a warning to anyone looking to get microdermals anywhere on your body: They are completely permanent once healed fully, and if you want to get them removed, you have to get them surgically cut out. Microdermals are considered an IMPLANT, not a piercing.

I love my hip microdermals with a passion, and I dont regret this at all. I absolutely love being unique and I am only one of three people that i know with this done. However, the other two people i know got theirs done using surface bars, and have to get them removed within a few months. So, YAY ME.

Good luck with your piercing adventures and thanks for reading mine! =D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lane
Studio: Dragon+FX
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta

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