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Wrist Micro dermal

I can't recall when I first saw a micro dermal piercing, but some how I got the idea in my head that I wanted one on my wrist. I started attempting to research the micro dermal piercing. I found some other terms it goes by such as anchor piercing. I looked at some pictures anti- eye brow and sternum piercings, but knew I wanted mine on my wrist. I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, but given the idea that I plan to enter a professional world, decided it could wait- or I just wouldn't have a tattoo there.

Once I did enough research to convince myself that it was infact what I wanted, I started seeking a shop that would do this piercing. I understood a micro dermal to be in the "rare" category, so I figured it would be difficult to find a shop in my area(aka BFE). I remembered hearing an ad for Dr Jacks on the radio or something, I was familiar with the name. I also recalled reading an article about them in the paper and their new suspension room.I googled the name and found their website. I started scanning through the pages and to my surprise found on their "news" page that they were now offering single point piercings, or micro dermals at their Bellevue site. I looked at the Bellevue page and read the biography of their piercer, Monte. He seemed extremelly qualified for the job. He travels to conferences teaching piercing and branding methods, and even contributes to BME answering questions about piercings. I asked a friend if she had ever been to Dr Jacks and she thought th ey were a-holes. I was undeterred though, especially after searching other shops to no avail.

I decided next Saturday I would get my piercing done. I called Friday night to make sure he would be there. The appointment was set. Since we don't make it to the "big city" often my mom and I went shopping before the appointment. Nerves were definitely starting to set in. I couldn't decide if I wanted to eat or wait. This was my first piercing, other than of course my ears. The drive to the shop I started to get really nervous. When we arrived, half an hour early, I filled out my paper work and met Monte. He seemed way cool, asking if I had any questions. Of course my mind went blank and I couldn't think of any.

We waited on the couch for awhile, then he called me up. Of course, my mom wanted to watch cause she couldn't believe such a thing existed. Monte convinced me I wouldn't want the piercing and the very back of my wrist cause it would likely catch on things. He put a dot slightly higher and started prepping the area. He showed me and my mom the tiny anchor and jewelery and explained the entire process. After he had cleaned the area he pulled out the needle. Which looked huge to me, having never got a piercing before. My mom was running her mouth the entire time so we had to wait for her to shush then he started piercing the skin. I'm really unsure how this all went down because I looked away. I felt the needle entire my skin which wasn't so painful as when he created the pocket. That part hurt a bit. He let it bleed awhile then attempted to place the anchor. This part was probably the most painful, but it was more a pinch and pressure than real pain. He didn't get it in the fir st try so he had to re-dig the pocket, or needle work he said. He let it bleed some more after that, then tried again with the anchor. This time I heard a pop. There it was.

He dabbed the blood away and waited awhile slowly dabbing and waiting. He said he was waiting for the blood to clot up a bit. After the jewelery was in I didn't feel any pain until we were starting to leave. The process itself didn't take long at all, but with my mom and him gabbing away we were in the piercing room for probably 25 minutes. Monte was full of information and cool stories about his tattoos and experiences.

This is my second day with the anchor and so far so good. I washed the blood off this morning when I got up. He hasnt hurt at all, but I havent touched it or anything. Tonight at work will be the real test, as I use my hands a lot at work. Monte said I could wear a band aid over it at work, as long as it wasn't putting a lot of pressure on it.

I've got plans to get another matching one done on my other wrist and I think I'm going to take a friend up to get one done too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Monte
Studio: Dr+Jacks+Ink+Emporium
Location: Bellevue%2C+NE

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