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Surface piercing, round two

When I got my first piercing six years ago, I didn't know what I was getting into. It was my navel, the typical first piercing for a young, high school girl. I was more nervous than I had ever been for anything; however, after getting it done, a new feeling had awakened in me. I wanted more. So that's what I did. Over the next six years, I got pierced another eight times. The piercings varied from my eyebrow, to my lip, to my multi navel, to my sternum. My most recent one, which I got done just two days ago, is my nape. This is the story of my latest piercing adventure!

It all started in the morning, while I was out for breakfast with a few of my girlfriends. I hadn't gotten pierced in a while, so I was talking about it and asking them what I should get done. My friend Michelle piped up and told me that she always wanted her nape done, but was too afraid to go through with it. She then asked me if I would be interested in getting it, and after thinking about it for a couple minutes, I decided it might be a good idea. Since I had already had a surface piercing before (my sternum), I was somewhat worried about the rate of rejection. My sternum only lasted 6 months, which was fine, but if I was going to get another one, I wanted it to last. So Michelle and I decided to head downtown and talk to my piercer.

When I walked into the shop, Planet Ink, on Rideau St, I was still somewhat undecided over whether I wanted my nape or something in my ear. I planned to talk to Kate, my piercer, and get some insight into the whole nape idea. Usually when I walk into the shop, it's pretty busy, and Kate is usually off piercing someone. This day was perfect however, because when I walked in, Kate was sitting right there, ready and willing to answer any questions I might have. Firstly, I asked about the chances of rejection. She told me that as far as surface piercings go, the nape is the best for staying in long term. She also mentioned that when it comes to sex, the nape is much better than the sternum in terms of coming in contact with anything and getting touched and irritated, which was rather annoying for me when I had my chest done three years ago. After talking to her for a while and taking a look at the jewelry, I was sold, and she took me into the room to prepare.

Since I have been pierced many times before, I wasn't very nervous. I have a very high tolerance for pain, and to be honest, I truly enjoy the feeling of a needle going through my skin. Kate got me to sit on the table with my back to her so that she could mark the placement. She made the dots very quickly and told me that she was just marking the right height for it on my neck. I took a look in the mirror and was satisfied with the placement, so I sat back down and waited for her to place it symmetrically with my hairline. After she looked at it for a few seconds, she told me that the initial dots she made were even, thanks to my naturally symmetrical hairline. I took another look at it, got the thumbs up from my friend, and told her I was ready. Kate then proceeded to prepare the clamp, needle, and jewelry, and asked me to lie down on the table with my head hanging down and my neck exposed.

Being as comfortable as I am with getting pierced, I wasn't worried about how it was going to go or how much it was going to hurt. Despite that fact, Kate talked me through it and told me everything she was doing throughout the entire procedure. I felt the clamp on the back of my neck, which was just a nice pinch, preparing me for the real deal. She then told me to take the usual deep breath, in my nose and out my mouth, and she pushed the needle through. I felt it hesitate a little, but the actual piercing feeling only last about 2 seconds. Once she had the needle in, she commended me on my skin, and how easy it was to pierce. She then told me that she was about to transfer the jewelry in, which I honestly didn't feel at all. It took her a second to screw in the disc, but once she had, she looked at me with a big smile and told me she was finished.

Surprisingly, when she told me she was done, I didn't leap off the table and grab a mirror to check it out. I was more interested in her showing me how exactly she pierced it. She showed me the needle, with the taper on it, and explained to me how the jewelry is inserted after the needle is in the skin. Since I had never asked about the technique when I had my sternum done, it felt nice to be educated and able to explain it to those who were curious.

After that, I got up, and checked it out. I was thrilled with the results. The placement is fairly high up on my neck, which I like, because it clearly shows when I have my hair up. I also love the fact that I chose the flat discs instead of the balls, since I feel that it looks more subtle and a little classier. After thanking Kate numerous times, I picked up my things, left, and went to enjoy my rush of endorphins, post piercing.

For those who are interested in surface piercings, I do recommend the nape. The placement on the body is ideal, since it is out of that way, and is only visible by choice. I also recommend going to an experienced piercer that you are comfortable with, as a surface piercing can be somewhat daunting and intimidating at first. If you follow these tips, I guarantee that you will be as happy and satisfied with the result as I am. I certainly love my nape!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kate
Studio: Planet+Ink
Location: Ottawa%2C+ON.

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