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Spinal Piercings

I've been going to Big Brain for years now, since about 2004. I always have Smitty do my piercings cause he's the best. He's never messed up a piercing on me. In addition to the piercings described in this experience, he's done my nipples three times (twice horizontal and once vertical), tragus twice, an industrial, helix 4 times, a 4g plug in the cartilage, stretching my lobes to ¾ inch, tongue twice (and I have a very prominent frenulum. Kinda wish he could cut that for me!), PA, and... well, hell, I can't remember all of em!

I consider Smitty to be a friend even. He's always up for a chat while in the piercing room, so he's much more personable. In fact, I had a conversation with him once about that. He started out in Florida where the original Big Brain still resides. He said he moved to Omaha and enjoys it much better because there are much more regulars with loyalty rather than tourists that he'll see once and never see again. When you're that good to your clients, we keep coming back.

I've always remembered these pictures hanging up in the piercing room at Big Brain. It was of this girl with the back of her shirt tied up between her shoulders. It showed the process of piercing what I believe was 8g rings on her mid back in the center. I believe there were 5 done total.

Ever since I saw those, I thought they were awesome. I went in one day to talk to Smitty about it. He said he wouldn't do it for me the same way. What he proposed was taking industrial barbells, bending the ends to make a staple looking thing. He then showed me that he would pierce me and insert the bar so only the balls were showing and the barbell itself was on the inside. He then put on special balls that had dimples on the sides and he clipped on an 8g ring for me. He told me this way I could put any gauge on the balls as long as the ring wasn't too heavy.

So we decided to go for it. He started at the top about 1-2 inches below the collar line. I asked him how much it would hurt being this is my first surface piercing. He said it shouldn't hurt as bad as my nipples did.

He told me for better control he would do it free-style and not use clamps. My heart started to race. I had my back to the window of the room to the hallway. People were watching now, I think about 3 of the tattoo artists. Suddenly, in went the first needle. It actually didn't hurt nearly as bad as I was expecting. It was just an odd kind of pain.

I'm kind of glad I couldn't watch that staple-shaped barbell being inserted. I heard gasps and "oooo!"'s from the window to the hallway with a tone of "that's gotta hurt!".

Anyway, we did a total of 3 that day. They looked awesome. I got home and showed my boyfriend (who just rolled his eyes at the fact that I actually went through with it). I was looking in the mirror at them. I knew I had to have more. I wanted them to go all the way down my back.

After a couple months went by to allow them to heal a little, I went back to Big Brain. We did 2 more. Two more months later I went back again to get the last 2 done. I had to wait for an hour for Smitty because there were some piercers and tattoo artists he was showing the shop. He saw me and knew I was there for more on my back. He asked me if it was okay for him to do the last 2 in front of his guests. I could tell he was eager to show them my back. Of course, I was happy to oblige! They were astonished that the piercings looked so good having been done months ago.

A sad ending to this story. Memorial day weekend 07 I fell on my back while at Anchor Inn (cause I was drunk and sitting on a low height anchor-chain fence thing). Needless to say, they were hurting extremely bad. And given that the last two were still healing, I didn't want to risk infection that close to my spine, so I decided to take them out. I would have loved to leave them all in, but the pain was almost completely unbearable.

As I'm sure most already know, these kind of piercings are hard to manage and can easily be damaged or your body could simply reject them. Also, if your daily activities require you being on your back for a length of time, I wouldn't suggest getting this done. I work out 5 days a week and I'll tell you I couldn't lie down on my back to do free weights for the longest time. And make sure you have someone that can help you with keeping these clean cause it's hard to reach behind yourself to clean them!

Honestly, I would love to get them back again, but it may not be for a while. And to pour more lemon juice into my wounds, I never got pictures of them. Oh woe is me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Smitty
Studio: Big+Brain+Productions
Location: Omaha%2C+NE

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