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Sassy Sternum

For every landmark birthday of mine I like to get something to remember it by. Most of the time I get piercings, I am more comfortable with that than tattoos. I got my navel done on my 18th birthday. I was thinking of something that my dad wouldn't see. I just knew that he would flip out. (By the way, he still hasn't found out! :) ) I was thinking for my 21st birthday I would get something else done but, instead of keeping it from just my dad, I have to keep it from my mom too. They are very conservative.

About two months ago I was over one of my friends for a party and I met this girl there. I love her style and we were talking about the different piercings we had and she showed me her sternum. At first when I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes, It was gorgeous. From then on I couldn't help but think about getting it done.

I researched the piercing and finally decided to get it. I called up one of my girlfriends to see if she would like to have lunch and while we were eating I broke the news on what I wanted to get done. She told me I was crazy but, she said she would go with me anyway. After we were finished eating we went to a tattoo parlor down the street. I walked in and talked to the manager. Unfortunately, they didn't do surface piercings.

I thought I was out of luck when Jen called one of her girlfriends that had some surface piercings. We decided to try out this place called Twisted Images. We walked in and talked to the head piercer, Amy. We talked for about ten minutes about the different options; whether I get a surface bar or a dermal anchor. I didn't want a dermal anchor because it is permanent and if I ever wanted it out, it would have to be cut out. She then told us about the different techniques used for surface piercings. I'm not scared of needles but when she told me I might have to have a punch and taper, I kind of freaked out.(A "cookie cutter" for skin.. WTF) I decided to go home and think about it for a while. (But not much longer :) )

The next day I told my fiance I wanted him to go with me to get it done. I called Jen when we were on the way so she could meet me up there. We walked in and talked to Trevor at the front desk. After I filled out my paperwork and smoked a cigarette Amy was ready for me. Since the sternum is a hard place to grab the skin she had Natalie, another piercer, help. Amy had me put my arms above my head, to the side, out front, and out back to check how much the skin moved. To my relief, it didn't move much and she would be able to use a needle.

She then proceeded to show me all of the packaged utensils she would need for the piercing.I pulled my shirt down and She cleaned me off and marked me perfectly. I laid down on the table and that's when my heart really started to race. I had never been so nervous in my life. I grabbed Jens hand as they proceeded to pinch my skin. I tried to control my breathing as much as possible when Amy told me to take a deep breath. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt a slight pinch in my chest but nothing too unbearable. I exhaled and took another deep breath so she could push the rest of the needle through. I felt a harder pinch but still not very painful. There was a little trickle of blood but nothing to freak out about. I opened my eyes and it was done. She transferred the jewelry and cleaned me up. I sat up and saw the most beautiful piercing I have ever had. It is perfectly positioned and it looks AWESOME!

Amy said most piercings on the sternum stay red and swell. Mine have done neither. I couldn't feel any pain for the rest of the day. Today it is a little sore but, then again, what new piercing isn't. It hasn't bled or scabbed over yet. I'm looking forward to having my sternum pierced for years to come. It's beautiful!

I would highly recommend getting it done if you can take the proper care of it. Also, do research on where you are getting it done. It won't hurt to ask their experience and it won't hurt to see their certificates. Good Luck and Happy Piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Amy
Studio: Twisted+Images
Location: Louisville%2C+KY

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