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my new microdermals

With four years since my last piercing and only one tattoo to tide me over, I was itching to get a new one. The only problem was that my boyfriend was less than impressed with my current piercings (navel, lobes, inner conch, top ear and an industrial). I'd been thinking about a cleavage piercing for months and thinking through the technicalities. I'd originally considered a surface bar but after reading up I decided that two microdermal implants to look like a surface bar would be a more viable option. When my boyfriend and I split last week after 2 years I decided there was nothing to stop me and it would be the perfect thing to cheer me up - something to mark the end of an era.

I'd heard that Thou Art in my town centre had a good reputation for being clean, friendly and most importantly had experience in performing microdermals. So with the intention of simply dropping by to make a few enquiries my friend Charlotte and I had a shopping trip. Upon entering the shop I immediately noticed the two counter staff adorned with microdermals and began getting excited. My only slight hesitation was the thought of noticeable scarring years down the line when I'd be too old to pull off the pierced rock-chick look. However, the women both assured me that any scarring would be minimal and so I decided to go ahead that day (so much for dropping by to ask a few questions!)

The next problem I encountered was my parents. I hadn't even mentioned the idea to them so calling to let them know I was about to get them done didn't go down too well! Mum answered the phone and as soon as I said the piercing/ implant (don't really know which to call it?) would be on my chest she went mad! She said they'd look disgusting, that it was the worst idea I'd ever had and that she couldn't understand why I cant just be satisfied with the piercings that I already have. Basically a typical uptight mum response...but after me having a bar put through my ear at 13 she should have realised I was never going to be conventional! Her final argument in an attempt to convince me was the old "if u were meant to have holes and metal stuck in your body you'd have been born with it!" which was never going to work considering she also has piercings. They may not be as 'interesting' as mine (even getting her navel pierced seemed exciting to mum) but there piercings none the less so that argument was pointless. The conversation ended with her realisation that I was 18 and thus could do it without her permission and so she simply said "do what you want!" in a tone of voice that implied "I'll let you get it but I'll moan for weeks afterwards". With my parents informed I told the two women Id be back for the microdermals after having lunch.

All through lunch Charlotte kept asking if I was nervous yet. I was actually really excited about getting the piercing... I was nervous, however, about arriving home to show my parents who I assumed would be in pretty bad moods!

When I arrived back at the shop the two women were extremely friendly. They took a copy of my ID, gave me a consent form to fill in and some info on after care to read through while I waited. About 5 mins later they were ready to start. In all my excitement I actually forgot to ask my piercers name! Charlotte came upstairs to watch - I actually think she was more nervous than I was. The three of us chatted away while I was marked up and everything was prepared; and I felt completely reassured - the piercer was really nice (I feel really bad about not asking her name!). I was really impressed with the cleanliness - I saw the piercer wash her hands and change her gloves about 10 times and that was before she'd even started the piercing!

I was disappointed that I couldn't see what was happening whilst I was laid down, but the look of sheer terror on Charlie's face suggested it looked painful! It actually wasn't at all. I was told to take a deep breath and then whilst exhaling felt pressure and something sharp pressing down. Then I felt something slightly sharper pushing vertically under my skin. The piercer moved away and came back with the disk and I felt some more pressure but again nothing painful. And that was the first one done, I couldn't believe how quick and painless it was. The second again took about 2 minutes and then I was cleaned up. There was a little bleeding but nothing major. I immediately loved it as soon as I looked in the mirror!

I was wearing a vest top and so the bright red chest and the little blood spots seeping through the dressing were drawing attention as we walked through town ,so we decided to head home. We went to Charlotte's house first to gauge her parents' reactions before tackling mine. They didn't seem too impressed but at the same time weren't totally disgusted - which is saying something considering Charlie's parents are really strict!

When I got home my little brother immediately wanted to see "what I'd gone and done to myself this time". He basically said that it looked awful and that If I wanted to throw money away in future I should buy him some more designer jeans! (Yeah like that's ever gonna happen!). Mum didn't react as badly as I expected, I think perhaps she pictured it to look worse than it does (its actually really neat and dainty). Either that or she's resigned herself to the fact that I'm going to do stuff like this anyway so it's not worth the argument. Dad however went on a rant about how I was deforming myself and where would it end, but I'm used to that - I got the same lecture with 3 of my piercings and again with the tattoo.

I've had them about 4hrs now and I still cant stop looking at them! The redness has completely gone and so far there hasn't been any swelling. I attempted to clean the dried blood when I first got home but they just started bleeding again so I'll try again before bed.

I completely love my gorgeous microdermals and I would definitely recommend Thou Art to anyone thinking of getting a body mod!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: thou+art
Location: sheffield

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