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Microdermal in My Cleavage

My first Surface Anchor on my chest has so far been a very positive experience.

I wanted to get some sort of piercing for some time, and after my fresh stretch to 5/8s on my lobes I felt like I needed to have something to complement them. So I went on a search for something new that no one at my school would want or already have like tongue, mouth, eyebrow, nose, navel, or ear piercings.

On a told you so moment my mom and sister had 6 months ago cartilage piercings done and on their upper ears together, I refused to because they went to the mall at a beauty parlor with piercing guns and cheap posts. Later my sister's piercing was painfully infected because she was not diligent about cleaning it that it swelled so bad that you could not see the front of the earring. At my aunt's house visiting they took her to the bathroom to clean it up. She cried because it probably hurt to have to pull the earring out without the front to pull on to after succeeding in pulling out the stud it was like hair in the sink around the stud on the front "gross" with puss after cleaning it up every hour on the hour for the first day the swelling and infection subsided and she religiously cleaned it for three weeks. Good for her she still has the piercing for some unexplainable reason. Her birthdays coming up I think that I will buy her a 16g titanium barbell so she knows what quali ty jewelry feels like happy 14th sister.

My mother more stubborn than my sister had three done on the top of her ear after about a month she was at Claries and bought the pack of hoops that are 20g sterling silver. She asked me to put them in for her, after my lecture of everything wrong with that she still wanted the 20g hoops in her ear. That was the hardest hoop to ever work with I took a pliers and bent them onto whatever its called like a seamless ring only in 20g it has a tube you have to move the wire into with the cartilage piercing on the 20g sterling wire. After a number of weeks she started to form on the back of her ear hypertonic scaring out of the three holes, they grew over time more and more. And after offering to buy some rings for that easy fix problem on the internet she refused. The rings eventually got removed leaving with three half dome 5mm scares on the back of her ear. The swelling went down some but it will take years if not never to heal the damage to the cartilage.

I looked up scaring and keloiding on BME to find a solution or just possible positive outcomes. There I stumbled on surface anchors (That's why I brought up cartilage piercings.) implants under the skin that's awesome enough to work I started reading about them their healing, rejection rates, and how it should be properly placed under the skin. Different types of the jewelry the good the bad and the ugly. Scars after rejection, things to ask a piercer, when to leave if the jewelry looks like a bent nose stud. And a good place to put something semi-permanent on your body. I wanted to have it somewhere safe and easy to conceal. And between the cleavage was that kind of place.

With my 5/8 stretch finished and healing I got around to asking my mom that I wanted to get a new up and coming piercing that's what I want to go with my gauges.

On Friday July 25th I went with my mom to get a surface anchor. Signed some papers took a number and sat down to wait. When I went back I was prepped and she took a tooth pick with white paint and placed a dot perfectly square the first time. And I approved of the placement, she took the needle pushed it in and got the jewelry to anchor in place it took a few tries gripping pliers to push it in. The anchor flew across the room somewhere. "Oops shit happens" she went out to get a new piece and autoclave it. Came back in took the needle pushed it up in the opposite direction to open up the hole. That did the trick on the second try it went in moved to around a little put a band-aid on it. I tipped her for her hard work and was reassured that it was all good. I had no problems with my surface anchor little to no swelling, little bruised, but other than that I was fine kept band-aids over it for a few days on Monday night I was in my bed and bumped my surface anchor with my thumb it fell out 2 inches away on my stomach I noticed it and got up to the bathroom put some of the cleaning solution on it decided to put it back in. it wasn't painful I kept the band-aids on it longer and a week later it started to wiggle less and sink in flush with the skin it looks good now. I am waiting for this special order and when I am all healed I may take some pictures of my lobes and anchor. Thanks for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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