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Collarbone Surface Piercing (not under the bone)

I'd seen photos of collarbone piercings on BMEzine, and thought vaguely about getting one for years. By current boyfriend has several piercings, and this renewed my desire to get more things pierced. I really like the way collarbone piercings look, they're fairly easy to hide, and they're not as permanent as my tattoos. I did a little research, and decided now was the time. I knew exactly where to go- River City, the best piercing shop in Richmond, VA. I'd gone to the owner, Jessika, several times before, and she was always helpful, professional, and patient. She'd won many points with me for never making fun of anyone, always answering any questions people had, and being friendly and supportive when I first came to her shop 6 or so years ago asking to have my ears stretched. I knew she'd done surface piercings before and had seen pictures of her work.

When I stopped by the shop she was in, and we discussed my jewelry options. She told me about dermal anchors (too permanent for my tastes), flexible jewelry, and surface bars. We ended up going with curved surface bars that Jessika had bent herself. She told me she doesn't like to use the staple-looking surface bars for various reasons, including the pain factor and the difficulty in taking them out and putting them in. The cost was $80 for the first surface piercing, $65 for the second, plus jewelry.

Next, marking spots on my skin. Jessika really took her time with this, and when I wasn't satisfied at first, she went back and re-marked me. I'd a stickler for things being symmetrical, so that was important to me. In the end I greenlighted it (though now I wish I'd told her to put the right one a little higher. Damn my non-symmetrical body!). I asked Jessika a few questions about healing time (6 months) and rejection (she said it should be fine if I take care of it properly, but if it does reject to look into getting it pierced again since the scar tissue may prevent it from rejecting again, or to look into dermal anchors). (Excuse me if I got the part about scar tissue wrong, I don't remember her exact explanation).

She had me lay down on her medical table/chair and got out her supplies. She ended up deciding to use a slightly longer bar than we'd originally thought, to make up for swelling I imagine. She had me choose between the sizes of the balls I wanted. She chatted with me while she prepared. Of course she had washed up and put on gloves and a face mask before even picking up a needle. When the time came, she pinched my skin together, did a quick count, and pushed the needle in. It stung a little, but it didn't hurt nearly as bad as my nipples had. In fact, I believe it hurt less than getting my rook pierced. One done, then the next, and that was it.

I sat up, feeling fine, and requested some Derma Cleanse and lotion, since I didn't feel like stopping by the drug store on the way home. I went out to the lobby, took out my credit card, and suddenly started to feel a little faint. I told Jessika I was going to sit down, and she came with me, telling me to lower my head. I swayed for a bit, contemplated going to the bathroom in case I threw up... and the next thing I know I'm dreaming, and then there are several people all around me and Jessika is saying "It's okay, she just passed out." My first time ever really passing out! It had happened to my ex after he got his nipples pierced, but never to me. Someone brought me orange juice from the shop's fridge, and after waking up and sipping that I felt much better. Jessika brought me into a cooler part of the shop and had me lay down for a bit. Everyone was really nice about it, no making fun of me, nor was I pressured to get out of the shop quickly. I was told I should lay down as long as I needed. Since I was feeling better, I got up and paid, making sure to leave a nice tip.

It's been an hour or so, and I took ibuprofen and have been icing 20 minutes on, 20 off. So far things look great. River City should call me in a few days to check up, and in a few weeks I'll go back for a follow-up visit. I was told to ice it to keep the swelling down, take multivitamins, use both the Derma Cleanse and salt water rinses, and to use lotion on the skin so it doesn't dry out, increasing the chance of rejection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jessika+Simmons
Studio: River+City+Tattoo
Location: Richmond%2C+VA

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