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Neck Piercing...Twas mere pinch

By the time I was 14 I had 14 piercings (one for each year!)After this I continued to get more and asides from 10 of them being in my ears these included my nose, navel, tongue,tragus, vertical labret and both nipples all of which were done at Hype which is in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. I have complete trust and faith in this studio and would not go anywhere else to get a piercing no matter how far away I live.

Like anybody who finds a love in getting pierced for the last year or so I have been searching for one that I would fall in love with. After debating over many such as my septum I got told I did not have the face for it!!! Obviously slightly offended I then stumbled on a neck surface piercing and instantly fell in love and set off to my local shop to get it done pronto!

My regular piercer had left by this point but the girl who replaced him had pierced my boyfriend and done a really sweet job. I don't know her name which I feel a bit crap for but nevertheless she works really well and you can tell she's passionate about what she does.

I went in to the studio, filled in the form and due to there being quite a que was told to wait about 20-30 minutes. This was bittersweet because I was glad to have a little time to wait so I could have a cigarette and browse through the tattoos and such, however whilst outside having the cigarette this crazy old man came and stood outside the studio preaching about septicemia and saying everyone who got a piercing was going to die and such. This, of course did not help matters and a few younger teens got freaked out and ran away bless them. He then turned and started shouting to me and my friend however it was going to take a lot more than some drunken dude to stop me getting my neck done.

After the old drunk guy incident we decided to make a run back into the store. Because the guy had scared away much of the que (suppose i could thank him really) then I was the only person left so got to go down sooner than I thought. Hype is also a tattoo parlour and as you walk down the stairs there is a strong clean smell like of antiseptic and such. A girl was sitting getting a tattoo on her arm and both her and the tattooist were laughing amongst themselves which in itself was comforting.

The room is pretty small but well organized and nicely decorated. At first me and my friend sat on the bed while the piercer set up her station and then I was invited to sit on the chair feeling a little nervous because it had been a while. She told me not to worry and what piercing i had got done last. When I replied my vertical Labret she laughed and said it was no wonder i was little anxious after getting that done and promised me that my neck would not hurt half as much.

The marks were drawn on my neck and after deciding upon the placement the clamps were put on. I must admit the only daunting thing was the fact that for once I could not see the clamps/needle because it was done behind me.

The clamps were, as they usually are, the worst part of the procedure nipping on the skin and making me feel like I wanted to pull away. I inhaled then let out a deep breath as the needle went through. It went through easily and felt more like somebody pinching the back of your neck.

This kind of felt a bit weird as though being attacked from behind. My piercer commented on this and said she was just waiting for someone to turn around and slap her because its almost like 'ambushing'. She then went on to tell me that when she did female genital piercings she usually got kicked in the head. I think the thought after that of the pain of a genital piercing soon made my neck seem pitiful.

The jewellery was put in and generally just felt cold rather than painful and soon I was up on my feet and being shown (rather awkwardly with two mirrors)the finished result...It was better I think than I imagined it because it was quaint yet still prominent and instantly I was in love. The dressing that was put on made my neck feel pretty tight and made me walk kind of hunched but I think that was just me being dramatic and not actually because of the bandage. Seconds later I left the shop 25pounds poorer but 100times happier.

Then off I was into the world flaunting off a massive white plaster over my neck and a massive grin. Before this piercing I used to wear my hair down all the time..now its constantly up that's all I can say...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Hype+Studios
Location: Newcastle%2C+England

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