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My beautiful nape....x

Originally, I was interested in getting this piercing as I was always curious about surface piercings and always found myself imagining myself with one and how it would feel being done. Of course I was really nervous, as before I've only experienced pretty mediocre piercings such as my monroe and navel and I had no idea what this would feel like. As I didn't want to
rush in and make a mistake, I researched the ins and outs of this piercing thoroughly, as well as asking people who had it done for their personal opinions and advice.

So on the 24th of july, I was satisfied I knew enough to be getting into this piercing and that there'd be no nasty surprises. I'd read some horror stories on bmezine telling me how their piercer had messed it up and it'd rejected quickly or migrated. I also looked into what types of bar to use, titanium or tygon etc and that they should be a special type of bar, slightly curved to help the healing process and decrease the chance of rejection. I looked on youtube at the procedure being done on somebody, I couldn't look at it for long to be honest haha!! but if you can stomach it, it's always good to see what will be happening. If you can't, you need to find out the process in text format. I have the philosophy of 'as long as I don't see the needle, I'm alright.''

I was quite confident that the piercing itself wouldn't be too painful, and as I've pierced myself before (when I was very young and stupid and it went BADLY wrong!!) and I have a fairly high pain thresh hold, I wasn't overly concerned. I'd advise anyone
who wants this piercing to think about it A LOT, research everything you can, the process, the tools used, aftercare etc, BUT it's definitely worth it. I must admit, originally I wanted the tops
of my hips pierced for almost a year and my nape was more of a test run for my intended piercings. I also wanted to see for myself how easy it'd be to look after and whether there'd be much scarring etc, as obviously there'll be some.

I'm quite proud of myself really, I thought that I'd probably chicken out on the day, but as I was going with a friend who had experience of surface piercings and I had to go out of my way to get to the studio, unaccompanied, so if I didn't get it done I'd of been angry with myself. I tried not to think about it whatsoever and enjoyed the time being with my friends.

I got to the studio earlier than my friend and I thought I may as well go in and speak to the guys running it to see if I could actually get it done that day (as it was quite spontaneous and had no appointment.) I spoke to a guy there and he was cool he spoke to me about the rate of rejection etc and asked me questions about it to see how much I already knew about it. I then went to wait for my friend and we came back half an hour later...

As Lacey was more experienced and I was a bit scared, I wanted her to go first, but it didn't happen!! haha. She wanted her cheeks pierced, but the piercer quite rightly talked her out of it. So we went away again and waited for her friend Robyn to turn up, who was also getting a piercing, her septum. We went on a little adventure to Lacey's nan's house then we stalked Stephen Fry much to my embarrassment and disgust!!

We then went back AGAIN, and those two kept deciding then changing they're minds, so in the end I thought I've had enough of this and got up and approached the guy and told him I was ready. He asked me to fill out a form and provide ID. Immediately, when we entered a little side room I got reeeeaally nervous, but I didn't need to be. He spent about ten to 15 minutes marking up my neck and checking if I was happy with it. I asked him some questions about the piercing and how long he'd been piercing for (five years!!) so I realised it was all good.

I got quite nervous and couldn't stop giggling whilst he was marking up my neck, I felt pretty out of it that day and it was all very surreal, which was a bonus.

He told me to lie face down on the coach, take a few deep breaths then he did it. It was very uncomfortable and bizarre but surprisingly tolerable. I squirmed an awful lot with my legs, but it was completely fine =)

Afterwards I shook his hand and told him that it had been a very good experience, which it was and I'm very grateful to him. He gave me an aftercare sheet that was very helpful, and I've had no problems with my neck since just cleaning the piercing twice a day with a saline solution that I prepare.

Deep cleaning it has proved quite difficult, but I got over that by using a shot glass and bending over the bath. My neck ached for about a week, but that's because I'd been over cautious with my neck and in bed I didn't let my entire neck touch the pillow, thus giving it no support, but it's super duper now, I absolutely adore it and can't wait for more body mod adventures!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Hope+and+Glory
Location: Swaffham%2C+Norfolk%2C+UK

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