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My Microdermal Anchors

Well it all started with wanting the area under my navel done. Originally I was going to have a surface piercing but seeing my close friend's reject my urge to get the piercing kind of died. A surface piercing would also have been difficult because of the distance I wanted between the two (2) exiting points. Drainage and cleaning would have been difficult and the piercing would have been likely to reject. =[

About a month ago I was browsing BME and I came across Dermal Anchors. When I saw them I knew I wanted them straight away. They were just gorgeous and single point piercing. It's just what I needed.

I continued browsing BME for information on the procedure, aftercare etc... I read countless experiences. I could have done more research but I felt I was pretty clued up and I really had to have them.

One night my friend stayed at my house and I told her what I wanted done. She thought the idea was fantastic, so fantastic she convinced me to get it done the next day. We watch every piercing we get together. It's some sick bondage we have.

When we woke up the next day, I rang up Primal Urge and booked an appointment for 2:30. The lady that I spoke too told me it will cost $125(AUS), $75 for the first and anymore after that would be $50 each.

After that we got dressed etc... We got onto the next bus into the city. Nerves weren't really a problem seeing though my body is always in complete denial to what is about to happen to it before I get a piercing. I've only had my tongue pierced and that was a horrible experience (Aftercare/Healing) but that's a different story.

When we got into the city I got a frozen coke and we made our way to Primal Urge. When we got there I told them my name and what I was suppose to have done and they asked us to wait in the main room while they set up.

When everything was prepared I was introduced to Bob and I explained the placement I wanted. He measured and marked my stomach. I turned around to face the mirror to see the placement which I was really happy about.

After that I lied on the table with my mate right next to me and told Bob I wanted the balls on instead of the discs. He pinched at the markings then grabbed the needle and then... Ouch, a sharp bee sting like sensation was enforced on my stomach... Then again but in the opposite direction... Then, Pressure and ALOT of movement... Then the painful bit... Screwing on and tightening the balls... Because the anchors are under your skin, when the balls are being screwed into the anchor stem your skin moves as well and with the tissue underneath being so tender underneath after it being stabbed with a needle it was pretty painful. Still bearable, but painful... I also accidentally quietly blurted,"Oh, Fuck." Too my shock. Well I thought it was quiet.

After that Bob said he was done, but then I felt him pinching the other marking... Not again... Same sensation... It was bearable, not that bad. It did shock me though. Within 5 minutes my anchors were in place.

I got up and admired my anchors. I was so pleased with the placement. They looked gorgeous. They stung for only a couple of seconds after the procedure then they were fine. Bob went through after care and I was on my way.

Because of the placement low riding pants were suggested which so happens to be my favorite pant style and had plenty of pairs to accommodate my anchors. I lost one of my balls, so I now have the discs on which were a bitch to get on because of their size but I will soon get little "Bling" gems etc.

I cross taped them for about a week then stopped to let them breathe. Aftercare was a breeze. I only had to smear Micro shield on them twice a day, leave on for about! minutes then rinse it off while I was in the shower.

They didn't get infected and haven't rejected yet. I did have a problem with one of them because I kept bumping it and it would bleed a little, Other than that they are definitely worth the money and pain. I love them. I am soon getting my inverse navel done to accompany them.

I like my anchors because no one in my group of friends have them and I think they will look nice with a navel piercing. I can't wait for summer to go to the beach and show off my new metal. =D. I'm also planning on getting more anchors in the future behind my ear and on my back.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Bob
Studio: Primal+Urge
Location: Weatern+Australia%2C+Perth

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