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The Life and Death of My Antibrows

I had wanted a pair of antibrows for a couple of years before I got around to actually getting them. But, for various reasons, mainly money and working in retail, they took longer to get than I would have liked. Eventually, however, I left my job at Zellers (which I hated) and got myself a job doing data entry. Not only was I sitting behind a computer listening to headphones all day and not talking to customers at all, but I was also making more money than I previously had been. These two factors combined to make it possible to check yet another piercing off of my list of piercings to get.

Having decided that it was now time to get my antibrows done, it really didn't take long to get around to actually doing them. I basically just had to figure out when I had tome to head downtown and get pierced, which ended up being less than a week from the time of decision making. I had been to Universal Tattoos for almost all of my previous piercings and found the place to be excellent. Not only were they very sanitary, but the piercer there, Mike Grant, was excellent and I would not have even considered going to anyone else to get these done. Although there were many piercing and tattoo studios in Victoria, there were not many good ones and there were few if any piercers in the city with Mike's talent and skill.

As per usual, on the day of the piercing I just showed up at Universal and waited for Mike to get done with his latest piercee. I had no paperwork to fill out since I had filled out the papers before and my name and file were all ready on record. I only waited a few minutes before I was able to explain to Mike what I wanted and we headed downstairs into the piercing room. Upon arriving there Mike gloved up and then proceeded to mark me for the placement of the piercings. Overall the marking process took around 10 minutes, with the marks being erased several times to ensure that they were placed well and evenly. After looking at them in the mirror to ensure that I was happy with them, I lay down on the piercing table and prepared to be pierced.

The piercings themselves were not that bad. They were done with 16 gauge surface bars. As per usual I was told to take a deep breath in and then a deep breath out. On the exhale the needle went through my skin, first on the left side and then on the right side. After the needle was through the surface bars were inserted. These were my first surface piercings and I am still not entirely sure how a staple shaped bar is able to enter and exit the piercing so easily, but it was really not any more uncomfortable than getting a standard barbell inserted. Once the two piercings were completed Mike took a look at them and was unhappy with the way one of them had turned out and I had to get it repierced. Although that kind if sucked it really wasn't too bad.

Once the piercings were all finished we headed back upstairs to pay. I was sure to tip well. I was told to come back in a week to have them checked on just to make sure that everything was going as well as it should have been. Over the course of that week I was sure to do my sea salt soaks twice a day (1 quarter teaspoon to 1 cup of water) and generally pamper them and treat them nicely. They were a little sore and had a tendency to catch on things occasionally but didn't seem to be much more cranky or difficult than any other piercing that I had previously gotten. One week later I went back to Universal only to find that Mike had decided to move to the mainland and work at a studio there. I was very disappointed since he was the only piercer in town that I would trust with more advanced piercings and procedures.

Over the course of the next 3 months or so I continued to treat my antibrows well and continued my aftercare with them. When I first got them done they were a little red but I figured that was because they were fresh piercings and fresh piercings are often a little red and swollen. Unfortunately over the months to follow that redness did not dissipate, but instead increased. Although they were never really painful or uncomfortable the redness and visible irritation was not very attractive and try as I might I could not make it go away. One side or the other would occasionally get better but it would invariably flare up again and that cycle would continue over the life of the piercings.

Eventually I was forced to through in the towel and get them removed. I ended up going to a different studio than the one I got them pierced at (I don't remember which one) since the piercer that they got to replace Mike didn't deal with surface piercings and didn't know how to remove them. Removal was simple and painless and only took a couple of minutes. I was incredibly disappointed at being forced to remove them but I knew that it was the right choice. My body just wasn't going to heal them and no matter what I did or how long I did it for that wasn't likely to change. Over the course of the next month the redness slowly went away and the holes closed up. They have left scars, but the scars are very faint and barely visible. I am thinking now that I am going to try some microdermals in the same general area and see if they fare any better than the surface piercings did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike+Grant
Studio: Universal+Tattoos
Location: Victoria%2C+B.C.%2C+Canada

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