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my sternum surface piercing

Dermal anchors are getting more and popular these days. To me, they seem like the most perfect of piercings. The thought of getting a piercing and knowing that it's permanent really sits well with me. I really wanted to get dermal anchors placed near my collarbone area or my sternum but I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to deal with something so permanent in case I didn't like it. (Yeah, I know I just went and contradicted myself, oh noes.)

So. Surface piercings were a good idea. I thought I could always get a sternum surface piercing and when (not if) it eventually grew out, if I liked it enough, I would wait for it to heal and repierce it with a dermal anchor, knowing that I'd done it before and I definitely wanted it. It sounds strange because when I do get any body mods, I get them with the intention of keeping them for life and yet here I was playing the "tried and tested" game with piercings.

Anyway, I'm waffling on now.

I moved to Portsmouth last year and the idea of getting a different type of piercing by a completely new piercer completely unnerved me as I'd been so used to Cath at Chioko in Camden, London. Nobody likes change. Ever the cautious person, I went to see my new piercer a couple of times at a place called Withit, his name was Shane. We talked about getting the piercing, what bar he'd use and how he'd do it and how I would take care of it. Eventually after a few more reassuring chats that he knew what he was doing, I told him I had a few exams and that I would return in a couple of weeks to get it done. Other reservations I had about the piercing was the cost. I didn't know if it would reject in 2 weeks or in 2 months or in 2 years and I didn't want to pay £30 to have it reject a week later.

I had planned to wear a strappy top so it would be easier to get to my chest but things didn't go to plan as the day I went for the piercing was completely out of the blue. Shane was obviously alright with me stripping off and I didn't feel uncomfortable in the slightest. He marked the two spots and asked me to check in the mirror to see if I was alright with the positioning. After about 10 minutes of conferring with my friend, removing the marks and redoing them so I was completely happy, I was good to go and I sat back down into the chair. I closed my eyes and told Shane to just let me know when the needle was about to go through. I breathed in, and the needle went in, breathed out, and it was done. I did say "Ouch" when it came out but nothing too dramatic, I mean, it's a needle going through your flesh, of course it's going to hurt. Shane put a metal surface bar, it's like a bar with two 90 degree angles on each side and it went through just fine. Afterwards I got up to a dmire his handiwork and I was pleased. He gave me the aftercare instructions (salt water soaks, shower as you usually would) and told me to return in two to three weeks to see how it was progressing, but if I had any questions at all, I was free to pop in anytime.

I paid my £30 and off I went.

Sleeping for the first few days was weird, it hurt a little and I mainly lay on my back. There were also small jabs of pain when I took off a bra, obviously due to movement but nothing too severe. This is it at 3 days old.

Other than that, it's been plain sailing. Sometimes I'll wear a small bag and the strap occasionally irritates the piercing but other than that, I've had no problems with it. I did watch out when hugging people but now I'm fine with it and my boyfriend knows it's there so it's not like he's going to whack it intentionally.

I will state, just for the record, that I have had one major incident with this piercing. It's been almost 6 months since I got it and it seems to show no sign of rejection, which pleases me because I didn't expect it to last by the summer and well, we're almost into August. But yesterday, I picked up my laptop and held it to my chest. Underneath my laptop are these little shapes, just holes and sockets and things like that. I'm not quite sure what happened but one of these shapes must've caught onto my sternum piercing and yanked it halfway out of my skin. Just typing it to you makes me almost tense with the painful memory. I panicked and felt a little faint as it was incredibly painful but after I lay down for a bit, I examined it and whilst there was a little blood from the top hole, it doesn't seem to have caused too much damage. But if it does grow out now, it'll be completely understandable and I will be sad but also happy because for £30 for a 6 month old piercing make s it completely worth my money.

Wish me luck. Maybe I may get dermal anchors after this.

Here's my piercing at 5 months old.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shane
Studio: Withit+%28In+the+Cascades+shopping+centre%29
Location: Portsmouth%2C+Hampshire%2C+UK

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